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Writer's Block

Whose part would you play?

If you could be cast on any TV show, from any time, who would you play?

Answers (267)

  • Garcia from Criminal Minds because she is a computer expert and really close to Morgan.

  • whose line is it anyway? - and unlike most people i wouldn't be any of the guys i would be drew cos he gets to just watch them all day

  • Doctor Who, the best science fiction show in the world!

    I'd play a companion of course! I would have loved to play River, actually, but since she's played by the marvelous Alex Kingston, I'll settle with just being a companion.
  • I would either be Sally on The Bill or Temperance (Bones) on Bones. Reasons are Sally from The Bill is very passionate about her job as a cop and will risk her own life to save someone and even have broken some rules to do so, She loves people and has saved many and she also has a fun personality and always up for fun.

    Temperance aka Bones because She will always stand by her partner Booth, she is awesome in what she does (forensic anthropologist), she refuses to give up on a case till its solve, she is very supportive for her team mates (Hodgins, Angela, Booth, Zach, Sweets and Cam) at the Jeffersonian Insitute where she works, she has a great personality which is determined, fun, logical and caring all mixed in one.
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  • Blair from Gossip Girl. Her wardrobe and chuck bass allmine excellentness.
  •  Jordan Cavanaugh from Crossing Jordan I love her take-no-prisoners attitude. Plus, I'd get to kiss Jerry O'Connell!
  • The West Wing and I would want to be Ainsley Hayes. Not only do I love the show but Ainsley got to spend so much time with Rob Lowe!
  •  Hyde from That 70s show , id love to cruise around in a El Camino, work at the foto shop with Leo the cool hippie, blaze mad trees,  My mother was a whore left me for cheap coke and dick, Id live with Kitty and Red, Eric would be my adoptive brother, hang out in the garage and get into so much fun trouble
  • Oh God this is such a tough question to answer. If I could only pick on television show to have been on I would have to pick Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I of course would play the naive yet lovable Willow Rosenburg. She was geeky and shy throughout highschool. I too was geeky and somewhat shy. Willow was shy and awkward around boys but eventually dated Oz a really good guitarist. I too was awkward and shy around boys and dated a guitarist. (I however knew I was gay that's why I was awkward around boys... Willow didn't find out until later down the road.) Willow is into wicca and magicks. I am fascinated by the Wiccan religion and have even read books on the subject. I don't know if I believe in all that magick stuff though. I would like to try something one day but knowing my luck... if it actually worked my head would explode or I'd catch on fire or something. Willow Rosenburg as corny as it sounds a very big influence in the gay community. I know what you are thinking... how can a television character be a motivator? Well Buffy was on Tuesdays at 9 which attracted many teens to the show. When she came out the atmosphere of the show changed for the better. Every one who watched the show knew she was gay since the third season but it took until the end of the fourth season for her to get with her first girlfriend. Hehe I would want to have played her if given the chance. I would want to help motivate teens to just do it and come out. =D Well... that's my pick for who I would be. If I couldn't have been her then I would have been Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. She is as random/crazy/sarcastic as I am haha so that would've been a fun role to play. Okay enough of this writers block. I get to see my girl tomorrow and I am SO excited. I miss her so much. It's been WAY TOO fucking long. We need to remedy this. Two months seems like forever. =D hehe I can't wait for the next two months and the next two months after that.
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