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If your daily life had a theme song, what would it be?

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  • This is the theme song I've been hearing in my head all day today.  It takes me way back to my college days...

    I love to sing and I love to pray,
    Worship the Lord most every day.
    I go to the temple, and I just want to stay
    To hide from the hustle of the world and its ways.

    And I'd
    Love to live on a mountain top,
    Fellowshipping with the Lord.
    I'd love to stand on a mountain top,
    'Cause I love to feel my spirit

    But I've got to come down
    From the mountain top
    To the people in the valley below;
    Or they'll never know
    That they can go
    To the mountain of the Lord.

    Now praising the Father is a good thing to do,
    To worship the Trinity in spirit and truth.
    But if we worshipped all of the time,
    There would be no one to lead the blind.

    I am not saying that worship is wrong,
    But worship is more than just singin a song,
    'It's all that we say and everything that we do;
    It's letting God's Spirit live through you.

    Photobucket Mountain Top
  • Rank 1 - Airwave. Не песня, но все же)
  • "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park

    I had just found out my grandma has cancer. We don't know what stage it's at in the moment but it fucking sucks. And it's difficult cuz my mom went through hard core depression and I pretty much lost her emotionally. But she's better now and now my grandma, her mom, has cancer, will i lose her again?
  • Eh, probably Plastic Tree's Alone Again, Wonderful World.

    Title alone, is already completely correct.
    but suprisingly, the lyrics are too.

    [shh. i stole them from jpopasia]

    Guess I won’t ever see you again.
    This can’t be happening.
    It’s like I’ve forgotten how to sleep as well.
    In any case, this isn’t a dream.
    You’re not here.
    Ah, I need you.
    I’m hurt.
    Something’s happening to me.
    The distance that prevents us from touching
    And the passing days that pile up
    Are where we’re being separated.

    The chord of sadness is a roar.
    I can’t even hear your voice, it won’t reach me.
    The rustling wind smells sweet, sweet——.

    Alone again
    A world I can’t rely on.
    Round and round, how long does it spin?
    My swirling heart’s a rainbow.
    Can I see you again?
    Hello, hello
    If you can hear me
    Mischievous wonderful world.

    Hey, I think about you all the time and call out your name.
    My voice is echoing.
    Midday moon.
    A solitary answer comes to mind and almost vanishes.

    A remnant of the painful mode.
    I can’t even see your face, can’t recognize it.
    The rustling wind laughs, laughs——.

    Your skirt moves back and forth as you spread your wings, you, dream, illusion.
    Tiresome tears spill all over my face.
    If I can go looking for you again
    Hello, hello
    Where are you?
    Spiteful wonderful world.

    Today, sorrow is renewed again.
    Tomorrow, sentimentality is still being approved.

    Ah, even if I’m just grasping blindly in the future, at least it’ll be a new day.
    I must look like a fool.
    Beyond my tears, what are you saying to scold me?

    Alone again
    A world I can’t rely on.
    Round and round, how long does it spin?
    My swirling heart’s a rainbow.
    Searching for you in my memories is a mistake!
    Your skirt flutters as you spread your wings, you, dream, illusion.
    Tiresome tears spill all over my face.
    Can I go looking for you again?
    Hello, hello
    You and I are out there somewhere,
    Wonderful world.

    yeah, i like the lyrics quite a lot. they suit my thoughts.emotions quite perfectly.
    and for some reason, i can't be completely coherent on a keyboard after listening to it.

    but, since i like the music on kiokuyuki by plastic tree so much,

    [shh. stolen from nijigen on livejournal]

    Good bye.
    Even if you can't remember me, please don't cry.
    It's just a lie from a fairytale country. But to be honest, I want you to cry a little bit.
    4 in the morning. The train station is still dark.
    I'm just waiting for the first train right now.
    I'm filled with mail I can't delete.
    If I open up my cellphone, it's dream light.

    How far can I go with just one wish.
    The rail that continues on towards you softly creaked.

    The train is <heading towards that memory>.
    Back to that time, where we said "see you again".

    The world starts turning.
    The remaining moon is an apathetic face too.
    If I could take you somewhere far away, could we have been able to keep leaning on each other and laughing?

    A glistening river of light reflects on the glass window.
    I pass <You Station> and head towards the town on the farthest end.

    I wonder why, with gentleness,
    there's no reason, but that's the only thing I'm frightened of.

    A Pendulum Clock. I drink a screw and try to move it.
    Even if I pass all my days, I will never forget until the time I stop breathing.

    I wonder how far I could have gone, with just one wish.
    I got off on a noisy station where you were the only one not there.

    I wrote a mail I'll never send.
    When I shut my cellphone, the sun started to rise.


    I wonder how I reflect in eyes of the unknowing you----.

    [warning: you are witnessing a relevation!]

    /gasp! OAO. oh. wow. maybe i do secretly understand the song lyrics when i'm listening to it.


    they are such a good description of my relationship with people!

    [command promt: mouth hanging open for the rest of the day from shock of relevation]

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  • This new "Writer's Block" application is amazing! I never have to ramble without purpose again.  Wait...haha, yea...here I go anyway...

    I had to go with this one, though, because I actually think about this.  There have been so many random moments where I've stopped and thought about what song would be perfect for that moment...as if I were in a movie.  Or, there have been those wonderful, perfect times, driving on a crisp, sunny, fall day for no reason at all, and the perfect song just happens to come on the radio or cd player.  But one theme song?...I have to actually put thought into that...
    ...   ....

    Hmm...I think I'm settling on Santana's "El Farol"...  It's not perfect, but it fits various occassions...various moods...various personality traits - which is kind of like me actually.  

    A soundtrack would better cover it.  The soundtrack, though?  I could spend days.  And that might just be too much.

    See, music, to me, is so honest.  Whether it's the lyrics or just the instrumental, there is something about it that is so open.  It hides no emotion or thought and avoids none either.  I think that's why I've always found so much comfort in it.  That, and the dancing it allows.  But to choose a soundtrack or even a theme song can be so telling.  Also, despite it's honesty, there may not be a definite truth to it always...like poetry...so in lending itself to different interpretation, I lend myself to interpretation...which I don't know that I'm entirely fond of always.  I guess that's what we do anyway...day in a day out...but mostly on those days we're just interacting, not interpreting...at least most, I figure.  So in conclusion,  I don't think I could commit to a soundtrack:  1.) It's too telling, and 2.) I'm already second guessing my theme song anyway...

    How about Spice Girls "Spice Up Your Life"?  :)
  • It's an easy one for me to say right now:

    It Only Makes Me Laugh by Oingo Boingo

  • Today it feels like

    "Stuck in Lodi"

    Some days it feels like "Time" from Pink Floyd.
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