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Clumsiest moment

What's your most embarrassing memory?

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  • My most embarrassing moment happened Friday close to lunchtime. I’d just had my EEG. I know I’d probably had a seizure at some point. I guess the embarrassing thing that happened is that I was attempting to transfer from the wheelchair to my crutches, as Sean was getting me ready to head to lunc while we were waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom. I wasn’t having good balance at that point, and it didn’t occur to me why at that point. I feel bad for Sean. He had to help me keep my balance, had to keep an eye on me after the ordeal. I didn’t exactly want him to see me like that whatsoever. I only want him to see me as his happy little girl, who he loves so much. I don’t want him to freak out seeing me go through what I went through after that horrendous torture. I know he wants to help, but I don’t want to do something to scare him or make him cry.

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    Well, actually, this isn't my most embarassing memory. It's my sister's, and I get embarassed for her every time I remember this.

    I posted this almost a year ago, but it's time to remember it again...

    A few years ago, my sister volunteered to be in charge of decorations for a baby shower. On the day of the shower, she arrived at the home about an hour early to set up. She knocked on the door and heard, "Come on in, the door's open."

    Cheri entered the house and called out to the people sitting in the kitchen, "Don't bother getting up, I'm OK."

    She pulled out the balloons, streamers, and banner. Enthusiastically, she proceeded to decorate, standing on the couch and chairs to reach as high as possible.

    After about 15 minutes of decorating, though, she sensed a strange sort of silence, and then heard whispering from the other room.

    "Do you know who she is?"

    "No, do you?"

    My sister stopped her decorating and walked into the kitchen only to find a group of people staring blankly at her.

    It was then she realized that they didn't know her, she didn't know them, and she was in the wrong home. Sheepishly she explained her mistake, quickly picked up her decorations and left.

    Apparently, she had the right house number but the wrong street. Even though she thought she was right, she was wrong.

    Painfully wrong.

    She had the right spirit but the wrong truth.

    We live in a society that says, "Truth is whatever you want it to be".

    That may sound like a great philosophy to live by, but there's just one problem with that line of thinking...

    It's not true.

    Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."

    Unless our truth lines up with His truth, we are going to find ourselves in the wrong place no matter how sincere our intentions may be.

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  • When I was in kindergarten at recess I was playing with caterpillars because I was a weirdo like that and this girl came over and held my hand shut with the caterpillar in it and was like "if you don't say penis im gonna squish it in your hand" so I was like "fine... penis!" because I had no clue what it meant. Then later that day I was in the car with my mom and dad and he got out of the car to go in somewhere and I was like "you stupid penis head!" and my mom was like "evelyn penis means a boys private parts!" and I just remember being mortified haha
  • This was more funny than embarrassing, but definitely clumsy.

    A couple of friends and I were at the marina and we were goofing off. I tripped over my own feet and fell off the dock. And they laughed, the bastards. Then I couldn't climb back up because it was too high and some guy had to lower a ladder off his boat for me.
  • Ok...so this is embarrssing....but when i was yunger on my way back from  karate with my brothers and my mom i started to fart.... i couldn't
    control it ...come on don't laugh.....well anyway my brothers were laughing  and the farts kept coming and my stomach was hurting......than i felt a big fart coming......well i tryed to hold it in but it came out .....turns out it wasn't a fart after all........think of it this way the hole way home i had something brown and mushy in my pants and it wasn't  chocolate.
  • Oh Gods, this is a great story! 

    June 16th, 1997-

    On a whim and because we couldn't go to college without being married, my then boyfriend and I got married at the courthouse.  We called my friend Rachel and she put me in her wedding dress.  We went to the mayor's office, got our license and got married. 

    After the wedding my husband and I went in different cars.  I got changed to go to work and he went to his friend's place to play video games while I was working. 

    While I was there, I was on lane and had to pee, but I'd just started my shift.  The service coordinator was bagging for me and asked why I was all dressed up.  I told her I'd gotten married earlier that day and she was like "Well what the hell are you doing here, then?"

    I was ringing someone up and all of a sudden my eyes went wide and I walked off of my lane in the middle of an order. 

    I pissed my pants on lane while ringing up a guest's order because of my nerves. 

    I went into the bathroom and I was trying to clean up.  I was crying I was so embarrassed.  The coordinator came in and asked if I was okay and I said no.  She asked what happened and I told her I peed myself and I needed to change clothes.  It was all she could do not to laugh at me and she asked if I wanted her to see if Chad would let me go home, which I, in fact, DID.  She came back in later with a plastic bag for my clothes and my car seat and told me he said I could go home.

    I was absolutely mortified.  I couldn't believe I'd actually done that in front of all those people.

    My ex called me "Wizzer" for the rest of the time we were married despite me telling him to fucking stop calling me that.

    Needless to say, when I told this in front of my speech class, I won for having the most embarrassing story ever. 
  • My most embarrasing moment came in the 1st grade, back when the original "green" for life stuff started. People were realizing that oil was fairly precious and that it was not going to last forever (back when gas was like $.70 a gallon. So in 1st grade the school had a contest to see who could come up with an energy saving slogan and poster. I did not even want to do it. Not to mention I cannot draw a stick figure. My mom found the note in my back pack and she drew this person riding a bike. It was sorta cool. But the slogan haunts me today. She wrote "Pass on gas!" in these big letters. For the rest of the year, I was fart girl. I still hate my mother for that one. Oh, btw I wom. Whoooooopeee :P
  • Omg, omg, I've so many!!!!! But the latest one was this:

    Okay... I think you know about the 'boardwalk' thing right? It just opened recently this year, and my family went on it. 
    The boardwalk thing was fun, really. Plants and grass and flowers everywhere. I had also heard about 'Alkaff Manison', which used to be a wealthy Arab man's home. Then, I told my dad I wanted to see it. So, you see, on the way there, my mum said, "Hmmm... I feel like having brocolli." Then I was like, "BROCOLLI MAMA!!!" Sadly... I didn't know that there were two Americans behind my mum. Oops, they heard me. >.<
    Then, halfway walking there, my dad got 'lost'. So, we spotted a map not far away. Hip hip hooray! While my dad was finding where Alkaff Mansion was and how we get there, I spotted an old building. Alkaff Manison? I tugged on his shirt. Normally, I call my father 'Pop', but that day, I accidentally stretched the 'O' so it sounded more like 'Poooooop' then, again, I noticed the SAME TWO AMERICANS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME.
    They must be thinking, "that girl is nuts. She calls her father poop."
    Oh god.
  • When I was in grade school, I wore a lot of corduroys(not my choice) and I was in gym one day and split my pants from the top of my butt all the way around to my zipper. I hid behind a beanbag chair until my parents brought me a new pair of pants.
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