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Writer's Block

Three dishes I could live on

What three dishes could you live on for the rest of your life?

Answers (249)

  • Well, I like meat loaf, stroganoff, and whatever else looks good to me at the moment. I am not a foodie per say, but I like a lot of things, so there is a number of choice I can live on.
  • Simple, pussy, breats and both.

  • Курица
    блюда из риса
    овощной салат
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  • a mug. [its heatable&heavy duty &used as a bowl.]
    a plate [obvious reasons]

    and thats it.
  • 1. Chicken Top Ramen I pretty much eat top ramen EVERYDAY. Come on, it's the perfect food! It's good, it's filling, and it's CHEAP! I got some today for 13 cents. Oh yeeeeah. :D It may not be the best thing for you, but it's very good. 2. Tacos Mmmm tacos. I want one right now. Especially from Taco Del Mar. Oh my god. I WANT ONE! 3. Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob! :D Yeah. My mom makes this like once a month, and it's really good. Usually I eat cereal or top ramen for din din, but if she makes this, I'm very grateful. Corn on the cob tastes much better than...off the cob?
  • Salads - which already covers pretty much everything from fruit and veggies to meat (salad with strips of grilled chicken/turkey breast is awesome!) and fish/seafood

    Soups - come in millions of varieties as well :)

    Sandwiches - I stole that idea. I think it's a good one :D

    Well, I'd probably miss the sweets. But then again, who's to say you cant make a fruit salad and top it off with some ice cream? It's still salad... :D
  • Ignoring nutritional values et al, and assuming I could have any sort of drinks I liked?

    Beef Carpaccio with parmesan and capers and lemon

    Pan seared pepper coated rare Tuna with wasabi and ginger

    Frozen grapes and blueberries
  • 1. California Rolls 2. any kind of pasta dish 3. Brownies I think I could live off those very happily, I would be really overweight thou.
  • Sushi, Sag Paneer and prolly Some sorta Thai Dish I forget the name oh pad se ew or something like that...I love Asian Food.
    Especially with that Vietnamese hot sauce that you see at the restuarants the one that's bright ass red. mmmmm.
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