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Writer's Block

Where am I in the garden?

What vegetable or fruit do you relate to most?

Answers (241)

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  • I'd probably relate to potatoes. On my own, I'm kinda hard to handle and I'm not that great raw, but warm me up a little and add some butter and I'm much more enjoyable.
  •   hmmm... if you live in florida or california, im your orange.

    i can be very mean somtimes (the peel of the orange), 
    but im truly sweet on the inside
    'cause im made up of everything around me (the slices)

      okay thats totally cliche but true
  •  I would have to say maybe a pinapple...because are sometimes sour but usually sweet in the inside but have a pokey sharp outside.
    My appearence may look rough like an evil tom-boy, but inside I'm just a big marshmellow. For instance, I wear a bit too much eyeliner on some days and usually wear black. But I love to go to the animal shelter and help out by brushing and playing with the cats. I do lots of money collecting for the animals too. My main virtue is sympathy...anytime someone is upset, I always feel really bad as if it were my fault. 

  • Okay, I found this one in the archives and I liked the sound of it. It would definitely be a fruit. There are two basic reasons for this. One is that there is no vegetable that I'm overly fond of or anything. Two is that most fruit plants start out with blossoms and then fruit. As for which fruit, well, that's rough. There are a few I can think of... like apples. I seem to have some thing going on with apple tree blossoms. However, I think pears win. Because I look like a pear. Yay for strange body types. Anyway, not only that, but pears have a sort of regal bearing about them. Maybe you think I'm crazy, but when I think of pears, I think of royalty. Kings and Queens eatin' pears in their fancy halls and castles. Plus... orchards. Awesome, right? That's what I thought. Well, so there you have it. I'll be back.
  • I think this is a silly question. I would have to say that I relate most to an orange. I can be sweet or sour or both at the same time. Oranges are delicious ;)
  • I like this question. I remind myself of a Kumquat. I'm kinda small. Easily forgotten. No one knows what fruit you're talking about until you describe it and what it looks like. The name is often forgotten....and people tend to forget my name sometimes. v_v 
  • Fruit? What an interesting question, weird fo sho but interesting. I think for me its Strawberries and Apples. I'm going to explain- Apples- To me they represent wisdom, and age. I think I'm very smart (not meant to sound conceited) and I don't mean like age age like 20 or tengo quince anos, but like experiences that make you age, make you grow up because you HAVE to. Strawberries- I think Strawberries fit my personality- bubbly, funny, cute, smart, dependent. You are dependent on strawberries because when they are good its the sign of SUMMER. I love strawberries but whats weird is that I don't like Apples =] What about Ya'll? S
  • I dunno, baby carrots?;)

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