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What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?

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  • Definitely The Elder Scrolls because of the beauty and adventure of the world with endless possibilities to begin with. Now the real question is, what race would I be in it?
  • MMORPG's. Cuz when you die in it you just teleport to a certain spot. Over and over again. No ending life. If you fail, try again. You just loose the stuff your wearing atm. Ideal life. Idea: Your home portal is Local cemetery. And.. You are driving your car. You has an accident.. You dies.. Then you just portal to your portal place and you go on.. Get it?
  • Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII. I can visit countries that float in the sky, fly on airships, or just go where ever I want to via the Teleport Crystals in a matter of seconds. I like all the different cultures and how they come together in different places.
  • Maybe Animal Crossing, as it's pretty peaceful there. The only real danger comes from shaking trees with beehives in them. And while having anthropomorphic animals as neighbors might be freaky at first, I guess I could get used to it. I also quite like the aesthetics of the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros., but don't so much relish the idea of having to jump over a bunch of turtles every time I went to the store for orange juice. Speaking of the Mushroom Kingdom, I found the most recent Captain SNES strip interesting in light of my own speculation about the relationship of Goombas to Toads. I also have to give props to the comic's author for his ability to turn simple gags into significant plot points. Braveshroom appeared as a joke back in this comic from almost ten years ago, and is still around.
  • What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?

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    The Final Fantasy universe!! It's looks so unbelievably futuristic and harmonious! There are several worlds available to live on. From the all natural to the super technologic worlds. I guess I've been playing Final Fantasy 13 too much. That is the ideal world to live in... You know, minus the prejudiced against the l'Cie.

  • Either Monkey Island, King's Quest, or Animal Crossing. In Monkey Island I could be a mighty pirate! And it's just plain fun. King's Quest is full of magic and awesome adventures and hilarity. And in Animal Crossing I could make a living picking fruit and catching bugs and exchanging furniture... My neighbors would be cute animals. The sweet life, yes. Those or Pokemon. Because then, yanno, I'd have Pokemon. :B --- I am now the owner of a 3DS because I said "screw it" and bought it. I usually wait it out for the next improved system to come along. But I figure if they make a newer, better 3DS I'll just trade up. It is fabulous. And I need this to play the new Animal Crossing when it is released. ;3;
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