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Writer's Block

Hell Hath No Fury

Who was the last person who really made you mad?

Answers (187)

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  • myself. and my mom. at the same time.
  •  ACE ! grow the fuck up!
  • I was the last person to make me mad.  I can never stick to any one of my goals.  I always break half way through the day.  Then the next day I wake up and regret the day before.  I always say to myself that I'm going to stick with it this day, but what happens????  I always break half way through.  It's SO sad....

  • his name is tech-head. If you want to know why he made me mad, click here: Writer's Block: It's Too Late To Apologize
  • Stupid customers that think they own the world, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! (working retail ruins you)
  • my older SISTER.
  • Mad? Last person.
    Well, in my case it's more of the attitude &&the situation.
    Not the person.

    What they do is kinda selfish and stupid.
    That's it. No more details needed. Period.
  • Shine was the last one who made me mad!!!!!...She's so stupid!
  • Oh now this is a good one... the last person more like people.. was Druie's Grandparents.......... I mean I try so hard to like them but it's just aint workin for me... They moved away from him when he was a kid b/c one of their sons died and they so called wanted to be away and they didn't even come back to visit! I mean even when their Daughter (Druie's Mom) was in the hospital! Then they kept promising Druie when he was little they would come see him never did... And just reciently when him and his Mom was in the hospital b/c of the wreck, his grandma comes in there where we are with him on the bed in PAIN and says "Oh grandpa came back to town because he thought I was in the car and then he came and got me." WTF! You don't go to someone whos laying in a hospital bed in pain and pretty much say that they are only there b/c his grandpa made a mistake by thinking she was in the wreck with them! OMG! You don't wanna know how pissed off I was! And lately they been making Druie mad too.. he said that he wanted to tell her to get out of the room.. I nearly had to bite my tongue... Ok OK I'm done ranting now lol. I had to get that off my chest I guess.. LOL! But you gotta admit that was kinda rude..
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