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Toy Story

What was your favorite toy as a child? Do you still have it, or did it get lost (or sold/donated) somewhere along the way?

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  • A bootleg Famicon console from Thailand. My mother brought that for me and it got me through most of my teenage years. It broke when I was about... 14-ish? My aunt got me a new one less than a year later. That one either broke or "vanished". Then I had another one from some local garage sale, which didn't work well, and one more a year later that did work, but at the time I kinda quit playing. I still have that fourth one, though. I should really connect that, but these last three/four months... I really shouldn't bother. What I should do though, is finally get my shit together and resume working on my cels/canvas/statues. There really is no reason to NOT finish them. The house really calmed down recently and I feel I'm getting my genki back. One would say that's a good thing, but apparently my subconscious disagrees. I had a dream that I had to return my remaining reserves (1/3rd of the apartment cost) to the bank, which would mean I could no longer afford it. The net result would be that I would never see the other 2/3rds back again, nor my apartment, which I wouldn't be able to afford. There's surprisingly little progress in the apartment. 3, 4 months to go and I haven't even seen it from the inside yet. I got a letter from the kitchen guys, but my crazy housemate took it with him by accident and he hasn't brought it back yet. Speaking of money, the government is going to stop making traveling cost tax-deductible. This would mean that aside from a reasonably light (though significant!) mortgage, my soon-to-be single-born Internet/TV/Phone bill and the energy bill, I'm going to have to hand in over 300 Euro's a year in traveling expenses to a tax service that is displaying surprisingly little service for my taxes. It's funny how the government is trying very hard to 'encourage' labor, but discouraging travel to it. We're supposed to be living on top of our working location, I guess. Not only would that mean I'd live in the middle of toxic fumes, but I'd also be living in Barneveld, if you can call that living at all. Being shunted from the community because you've outgrown fairy tales that grown-ups still believe in. For living in the now, instead of after my death. I can't seem to catch up with that last bit of extra sleep I need. The week before last week I shifted my hours by sleeping excessively in the (long) weekend, last weekend was also relatively long, and I managed to keep my hours 'regular'. However, last Friday I got a line from arguably the world's greatest Shampoo fanartist, Phillipe Poulin, also known as MegaPhilX and PhilShampoo. The works displayed on his site are but a selection, and after the year 2000 his amount of Shampoo fanarts went on a steep decline, but this year he's really picking it up. Since I made a reasonable name for myself as a Shampoo fan (STILL proclaiming myself the world's number 1! Ego!), he turned to me for inspiration. Amusingly, I've recently updated my DeviantART, and he was intrigued by a work of mine called Pure Beauty. He has already released a colored re-trace of the image and I have to admit, I love it to bits. He added me to MSN, and ever since, I've spent my evenings and parts of my nights catching up with his past and his works, and likewise he's been catching up with mine. It's like I've got a twin brother from Canada, albeit more successful and married with a Chinese woman. REALLY? I SO JELLY dammit! Anyway, he showed me a lot of his 'rejected' works, which were stunningly beautiful, so I've spent the entirety of last night creating an homage wallpaper to him, featuring four of this works on a nostalgic under-layer. He was impressed with the first concept, and, to be honest, I was, too. With his blessing, I might upload it to my DevART (and show it off here). Games, ah yes, there's that. I've dropped DDO for a while again, playing Audition on-and-off, finished Assassin's Creed 1, started Assassin's Creed 2... And then Steam came up with another indie game offer, and I ended up buying and playing Cave Story +. Cave Story was an awesome freeware game, and the new updated graphics, new music and added features did not take away enough nostalgy for me to not WANT NAO! Two screens, so one screen is reserved for people chatting with me, the other for Cave Story, and both feature the test-drive wallpaper of my homage. It's been a hectic, but not at all stressful week so far.
  • Barbies for one. They were very well loved haha. We either donated them or threw them away..not sure which. I also loved Legos Mmm Banff Day 1: A picture of yourself with 15 facts about yourself Day 2: A picture of something you can't live without Day 3: A picture of the person/people who always know how to cheer you up Day 4: A picture of your best friend(s) Day 5: A picture of something you love Day 6: A picture of something you hate Day 7: A picture of a place you'd love to travel to Day 8: A picture of you and someone you always turn to for advice Day 9: A picture of the people you spend most of your time with Day 10: A picture of your pet (or a pet you wish you had) Day 11: A picture of your favorite band or artist Day 12: A picture of your worst fear Day 13: A picture of your favorite holiday Day 14: A picture of how you are feeling (Smiley face, sad face, angry face, etc.) Day 15: A picture something you wish you could forget Day 16: A picture of something you wish was real Day 17: A picture of something you wish was fake Day 18: A picture of your favorite memory Day 19: A picture of your favorite music video Day 20: A picture of a celebrity you hate Day 21: A picture of your favorite TV show Day 22: A picture of someone you'd love to trade places with for a day Day 23: A picture you and someone you love a lot Day 24: A picture of something you want to do before you die Day 25: A picture of the scariest move you've ever seen Day 26: A picture of your favorite season Day 27: A picture that makes you laugh Day 28:4: A picture of something you wish you could change Day 29: A picture of the website you visit the most Day 30: A picture of you and your family Day 31: A picture of your favorite song album Day 32: A picture of your country your currently living in's flag Day 33: A picture of someone you miss Day 34: A picture of the worst movie you've ever seen Day 35: A picture of your least favorite holiday Day 36: A picture of favorite magazine Day 37: A picture of what you wanted to be when you were little Day 38: A picture something your currently addicted to Day 39: A picture of something that made you smile today Day 40: A picture of your cell phone (or a cell phone you want if you don't have one) Day 41: A picture of your favorite book Day 42: A picture of your favorite pair of shoes Day 43: A picture of your favorite animal Day 44: A picture of your least favorite animal Day 45: A picture of the grossest food you've ever had Day 46: A picture of your favorite food Day 47: A picture of your favorite vacation spot Day 48: A picture of your favorite video game/system Day 49: A picture of your favorite youtube star Day 50: A picture of the class you hate(d) the most in school Day 51: A picture of something that annoys you Day 52: A picture of a super human power you wish you could have (mind reading, shape shifting, etc.) Day 53: A picture of the worst TV show you've ever seen Day 54: A picture of what you're wearing today Day 55: A picture of you're favorite restaurant Day 56: A picture of what you want to be when you grow up Day 57: A picture of the person, or you and the person that interacts with you the most on facebook Day 58: A picture something that comforts you Day 59: A picture of something you couldn't live without when you were little Day 60: A picture of something you love to do Day 61: A picture of something you want badly Day 62: A picture of something that creepes you out/scares you Day 63: A picture if the worst vacation spot you've ever been to Day 64: A picture of your favorite sport Day 65: A picture of your least favorite sport Day 67: A picture of someone that sings your least favorite type of music Day 68: A picture of your favorite song (or the artist) at this time last year Day 69: A picture of (you and) your friend who has the dirtiest mind Day 70: A picture of something you're allergic to Day 71: A picture of the person/people most likely to be your friend(s) 10 years from now Day 72: A picture of you doing something you love Day 73: A picture of the craziest night you've ever had with your friends Day 74: A picture of your favorite quote Day 75: A picture of someone/something you miss Day 76: A picture of the craziest thing you've ever done Day 77: A picture of what you were for your fist Halloween Day 78: A picture of your favorite thing to do in the summer Day 79: A picture of something you like to do in the winter Day 80: A picture of a drawing drawn by you Day 81: A picture of your favorite board game Day 82: A picture of your favorite kind of ice cream Day 83: A picture of your favorite hat Day 84: A picture of the cutest thing you've ever seen Day 85: A picture of your favorite drink Day 86: A picture of your favorite color Day 87: A picture of you and a friend of the opposite sex Day 88: A picture of something random Day 89: A picture of what the sky looks like today Day 90: A picture of you favorite cartoon character Day 91: A picture of something you're completely addicted to Day 92: A picture of your childhood fear Day 93: A picture of your most prized possession Day 94: A picture of something really old Day 95: A picture of your favorite outfit Day 96: A picture of your dream college (or the college you went to) Day 97: A picture of you and the person you talk to the most on the phone Day 98: A picture of something that is bothering you right now Day 99: A picture of the prettiest/hottest actress/actor you've ever seen Day 100: A picture that means a lot to you Day 101 THE FINAL PICTURE: A picture of yourself with 20 facts that no one knows about you Would you rather age only from the neck up or age only from the neck down? From the neck up Today's trivia: A human being requires about 100 muscles of the chest, neck, jaw, tongue and lips to produce one phrase
  • Yes I do. I still have my Count von Count doll. Out of all the Sesame Street Characters, The Count is my absolute favourite. The only way I was able to keep my mother from trashing my play things or giving it to my cousin was to hide it where she would never look - that was in the bottom of my father's old duffel bag at work (on board ship).
  • Another poster mentioned the Texas Instrument company games.
    T-I had a lot of innovative games.
    Like the space station where you loaded your laser gun and tried to blast approaching asteroids. These space rocks were plastered over with math equations and you had to load in the correct answer. Shoot the wrong answer and dun-dee dun-dee the rocks started moving faster toward the station!
    Then somebody at Nincompootendo decided kids would be better off finding cherries and gold coins by bumping an Italian carpenter's head into brick walls. So the TI toy subsid went belly-up, and we still wonder why our generations lose more and more math skills and work ethic each year.

  • I had a sock monkey as a child, back when they were made from a specific brand of red-heeled socks. One day while playing I'd set the monkey in the crotch of a tree when a stray dog came up and ran off with the monkey. I never saw it again....
    oddly last Christmas I saw a sock monkey pirate in the Target store. Being by nature, curious, I lifted the eyepatch he wore, then bellowed aloud in laughter. There was no button eye beneath, just a cross-hatch of stiches!
    So maybe that old monkey of mine lived a long and hearty life of adventure.  Sock monkey pirate must have been a gift from the universe to me!

  • A brown teddy bear that my parents got me when I was a baby. Yes, I still have him on my shelf in my bedroom.
  • My favorite toy, or at least my most memorable one was a pink Teddy bear appropriately named Teddy. For some reason I feel at some point I wrote a response about him in the past but ... Teddy was originally my sister's. He was bright pink with 2 big blue eyes ... I am 98% sure he was a cat not an actual teddy bear but ... it was one of those idk can't tell animals. My dad still has him as far as I know. Now his pink hair is almost all gone, his eyes were gone a long long long time ago and are replaced with miss matching buttons and I know with all the holes he had mom had me practice my sewing on him. He was very important to me growing up.
  • A plastic briefcase filled with notebooks. I would spend a long time just coming up with ideas for video games... Sadly, it vanished after we moved to a new house when I was fifteen.
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