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Supersoldiers vs. The Others

What TV show (past or present) do you think got off to a great start but then went the most off the rails? What would you have changed to keep the derailment from happening?

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    When Glee first appeared on the scene, I didn't want to get suckered into it like I did with High School Musical - I have since come to my senses, relax! It was mostly for the Zefron, anyway. Like any fad, though, it was spoken about so much (and irritatingly so) that I decided to watch the show for myself and see what all the hubbub was about. I immediately loved how bright the colors were to draw in the audience, obviously it worked. The quick witted humor was the second thing to draw me in. The final thing that made my mind up about the show was Jane Lynch. I've been a fan since she was in the Forty Year Old Virgin. She definitely made this show, too as the wise cracking and sometimes overly bitchy cheerios coach, Sue Sylvester. It didn't hurt that Mr. Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison) was pretty hot for a teacher. Every week, they seemed to have awesome songs that I knew all the words to, from "Don't stop believin" by Journey to "Golddigger" by Kanye West. Their mash ups were the best, too. I love remakes, so it doesn't bother me where it bothers others, like my husband who can't stand how Glee "butchers" all his favorite songs. Sometimes, I find they even do a better job on songs I used to hate. I can't stand Kanye West but I liked the song "Golddigger", so now I can just listen to Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Finn Hudson, Tina Cohen Chang, Kurt Hummel and Artie Abrams sing it instead. The characters were all lovable at one point or another, even if they turned out (or started out) as a bitch. You just feel empathy for all of them. I especially like how Ryan Murphy slowly added more characters instead of throwing them all at you at the same time. Background characters would slowly become main characters like Santana, Brittany, Mike and Puck and they'd interact perfectly with each other and the writers would get you addicted to the storylines. Mr. Shue's homelife was messed up. When was the last time you heard of a woman faking a pregnancy as long as his ex wife did? You just can't help but root for him to get together with Emma, who you just knew were meant for each other. Sue Sylvester's mean spirited actions were also worth a tune in to see how cold hearted she could be towards those "pesky Glee kids" on her rampage to get their group disbanded. Rachel was still pinning over Finn, who was with a very pregnant Quinn. The secret of whose child it really was stayed between Quinn and Puck...it was very exciting to see when Finn was going to figure it out. Santana and Brittany were still mainly supporting characters and they were sleeping with the football team instead of each other. Artie and Tina made a cute couple, even after Tina admitted that she was faking her stutter...why anyone would want to do that is beyond me but that's what this show was about, weirdos and freaks living in a cookie cutter world. Everyone could relate to one person or another. I will always relate to Brittany. God, I love that girl! She can always make me laugh, no matter what mood I'm in. I'm glad that Ryan decided to pull her from being "just" the choreographer to an actual character. I was so excited for the second season to start until I saw the first few episodes. I had high hopes for this season, especially since us internet geeks got ourselves a Britney Spears episode - with her actually starring in it. The Madonna episode in the first season (which to this day is still my favorite episode) was amazing, so the Britney episode would have to be epic, right? No. I finally understood what my husband was talking about when it comes to them "butchering" songs. Only Britney can do Britney. It just wasn't the same. Also, where Madonna had a whole episode to herself, the Britney episode didn't have as many songs (or a separate album for that matter) and it finished off with a Paramore song. I dislike Paramore so that was kind of a piss off, too. I was really starting to dislike Rachel's character, at that time, because she went from being that girl who was working hard to get where she wanted to go to being this insufferable snot that you just wanted to punch in the face. Her career meant that she got everything she wanted above everyone else's needs and wants. The writers would always try to make you forgive her after what she did but then she'd do it again. There's only so many chances I give out until I just can't stand you anymore and that's where I was with Rachel. Besides, the whole Rachel and Finn relationship, I've never been into. They're so different from each other that it felt like watching a train wreck. There were a lot of great relationships on this show, but this was not one and I hated that it was one of the only ones that "survived" all three seasons. By this time, the whole storyline with Rachel getting all the songs was getting old. As if Mr. Shue would be that pigheaded about letting the other girls sing the lead. Yeah, Tina and Brittany aren't that great at singing but Mercedes has always been a power house, Quinn is my favorite female singer on the show, and Santana has a good voice, too. I wasn't too shocked when Mercedes, Brittany and Santana formed the Trouble Tones in season three. Who could blame them? And guess what? They were better than the New Directions. In this show, though, no one is better than the New Directions. No one deserves to win the first prize but them. Not realistic in the least. As for the male lead, I'd rather hear Artie. James St. James was right about Finn. He sings and dances like a zombie who needs to poop. I've never thought that Finn can sing, never mind his dancing skills. He's not even the hottest guy in the group, either. Sam is, despite his trouty mouth. Puck is okay at singing but not my first choice. Mike has amazing dance skills but don't you need to sing to be in a Glee club? It took him until the third season to start singing with everyone else. Don't even get me started on Kurt's singing voice. He sounds terrible, but I enjoy him as a character, when he's not being an over dramatic douche. Mr. Schue's storyline was becoming tired and old. Yeah, yeah, he wants to get with Emma but now she's married to Uncle Jesse from Full House but she's still a virgin because she still wants Schue...blah blah blah, I'm bored. Also, Emma's character was becoming irritatingly exaggerated. She was paranoid of everything and she didn't know what she wanted. Every time she came on the scene, I just wanted to shut off the TV. She was just too much. Speaking of being too much, Sue's whole tirade to get rid of the Glee club was getting old. You'd think that in a year and some, she'd get used to having a limited budget for her precious cheerios and would give up on the disbandment of the New Directions. What more could she do to get rid of it? And for the parents of kids not in Glee to agree that the arts should be taken out? Excuse me? Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but we have specific WINGS in our schools for arts because it helps children expand their minds. Who the hell writes this crap? Funny I should bring that up...While reading Jane Lynch's biography - its a great read btw - she revealed that there are three people who write the scripts within a week. A WEEK. No wonder why half the episodes are garbage. Its impossible to write anything good within a week. There's so many revisions to do and stuff to go over. Some weeks you could luck out but for the most part, not so much. Which is what I think Glee's major problem is. Why not work on the episodes during the hiatus instead of going on Twitter and revealing spoilers that may or may not happen before mentioning it to your cast? Chris Colfer, Lea Michelle and Corey Monteith found out they were leaving after season 3 on twitter. Since then, Ryan Murphy has said that these characters will still be on the show in season 4. Holy worrying someone for nothing. There were a lot of songs in season 2 and 3 which not many people knew and I'm all for showing young adults songs they wouldn't normally know but there were just a lot of crappy songs in the past two years. I went out and immediately bought the first cd but after that, I wasn't that interested. I think I also have the 5th album, too. The only things that saved season 2 was Artie and Brittany's relationship (which I hate that it ended), Quinn and Sam being together, Gwyneth Paltrow's amazing voice and Darren Criss. Yes, the Warblers stole my heart away, too. To quote Randy Jackson, "That boy could sing the telephone book and I'd buy the album." I am impatiently waiting for his solo cd. He's amazing. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have stuck with the show after Brittany and Artie broke up so that she can be a lesbian with Santana. What the hell? I understand they need a token lesbian couple but really?? Season 3, I found was just a hot mess. It became very preachy with "PSAs". Don't text and drive, don't be a bully, don't stay with an abusive man, don't do this, don't do that. Darren Criss was still a good character but now he was shoved to the back so Finn could continue to get all the solos. I hated that he left the Warblers (who now sucked with Sebastian leading them) to join the New Directions, where Finn acted a right ass towards him for nothing. The rest of the characters got singing parts but not when it counted. I loved the Trouble Tones but couldn't stand Sugar Motta. What the hell kind of name is that anyway?? The story line that completely threw me off was when Sebastian threw a cup of rock ice in Blaine's face during a Michael Jackson "dance off" in a parkade, leaving Blaine blind in ONE eye. This meant that Blaine was in bed for the next two weeks and missing from two whole episodes due to this. He was blind in one eye, it didn't mean that he couldn't sing, dance or do school work! He'd just look like Popeye for a bit. I understand that Darren Criss was off doing "How to succeed in business" on Broadway but the writer's could have come up with something better. The other way out there story line would have to be how Sue Sylvester's life turned out. She married herself and is now having a baby from a "famous" sperm donor. She says the Father is an actor but she's not saying who it is...guess we'll have to wait until Season 4 to find out that it's someone crazy like The Fonz or Tony Danza from Who's the Boss. As graduation came up, they over played Kurt and Rachel's NYADA entrance exams. I understand its a big deal to them but what about the other characters? I was really disappointed in the last episode of this season. It seemed rushed and the ending just boiled my blood. I felt bad for Rachel, who turned out to be the main character all along, that Finn broke up with her like that but she finally got what she was being so insufferable about. Meanwhile, everyone else's story line got cut short so we could focus on her, once again. I think I could have done without Rachel Berry throughout this show. I think that could have improved this show greatly. Also, Darren Criss should have been Finn. I would've liked him a hell of a lot more and maybe that would've put way better songs on the soundtrack all three years. Also, they can't really expect me to believe that Blaine Anderson is a year younger than everyone who graduated this year. I'm not buying it. In other words, I can't wait to see how terrible season 4 is.
  • Roseanne. I loved that show, but I hate the last season, where they win the lottery. So bogus and unbelievable. The only redeeming quality to that season was the series finale, where Roseanne says she made the whole thing up.
  • Lewis! Loved it up to S3E3, S3E4 annoyed me already a little and then it seemed to get a second storyline about love or not love and Lewis and Hathaway started going seperate ways too much. If you produce a show about a team or partners, keep them together. The chemistry can only work if they are around each other, not if you send each off on his own wild goose chase.

  • That's easy. GLEE! Judging from the first 13 episodes, I would have said this show would have gone on to great success. The rest of the first season wasn't bad, but there became a dependence on guest stars to move the plot, which isn't necessary when there are about 15 characters of record. In season 2, the writing just got lazy. The writers (all three of them) got big heads over the success of the first season and the money they made off the music. Instead of picking songs to go with the story lines, they began to pick story lines to go with the songs. They relied too heavily on the Warblers. Season 3 has just been a disaster. Inconsistent story lines (Beth and Shelby disappeared for all of season 2, only to pop up and disappear again in season 3), continuity errors (OMG, the most fucking annoying thing ever! - character's ages and dreams, the fact that the glee club is supposedly for losers but they get standing ovations during school assemblies, and how things are mentioned and never brought up again), lazy writing, tribute episodes (Madonna, RHPS, West Side Story, and Fleetwood Mac were all fine; Lady Gaga, MJ, Whitney, and Saturday Night Fever - not so much), and so much more.

    My biggest pet peeve is the sexist, racist, and every other -ist you can think of writing. All of the female characters story lines revolve around their boys. And if they aren't into boys (Santana and Brittany), well, then they are just going to ignore your story line all together. The boys are always the good guys and the heroes (Finn the Blessed Saint of Pep Talks and Ball Washing, Blaine the Patron Saint of Bowties and Being Holier-Than-Thou, Kurt the Almight Gay God, and Will the Blessed Teacher Who Can Cure OCD with Kisses, among others) while the girls are bitches (Rachel the Greedy Bitch, Quinn the Lying Bitch, Santana the Snarky Bitch, Sue the Bitch Bitch, among others). Santana was supposed to thank Finn for outing her as a lesbian because being a lesbian is funny and cute and everyone loves lesbians. When Dave Karofsky was outed for being gay, he tried to commit suicide and he got his own special episode... and then promptly disappeared into the Glee-verse. Finn and Brittany are pretty much on equal ground when it comes to stupidity, but Brittany is written as if she is mentally deficient, while Finn can apparently function and graduate. Mercedes is almost always portrayed as the big, black diva. Artie is in a wheelchair - hahaha! Rachel is Jewish, so let's make fun of her nose and have Santana to tell her to go back to Israel. Kurt is gay, so let's make fun of that and his high voice. Tina and Mike are Asian and nothing more. When the teachers happen to say something when the kids are picking on one another, they usually end up doing something much worse. In the most recent episode, Mercedes, Tina, Santana, Brittany, and Sugar where joking (in a very out of character way) about Coach Beiste (hey, she's big and not a Hollywood standard beauty, so let's name her character Beiste, you know, like beast) being hit by her husband. Coach Roz Washington rightly calls them out on this, but them refers to them as Hat Rack (Brittany), Asian Horror Movie (Tina), Little Oprah (Mercedes), Rojo Caliente (Sugar), and Salsa Caliente (Santana). How are these kids supposed to learn how to be tolerant and supportive of each other and others when the adults they see every day (Sue, Roz, Will, Emma, Shelby, Figgins, etc.) are just big bullies?

    I'm not going to write any more because it just makes me angry. This show had such potential. Now it's all gone. There is no way this show can be saved in time for anyone to care anymore.
  • This is an easy one. Well, for me anyway. Totally Spies I shit you not. It's a premise ("Clueless" meets "Charlie's Angels" so basically, the movie version of "Charlie's Angel's" only not shit) that shockingly works. Well, worked. It shouldn't have been good, and yet it was. It helped that the show didn't take itself to seriously, unlike "Kim Possible" which was just a smidge too serious for my liking. This knew it was stupid and played off it. Sadly, it just got stupider. Voice actors were replaced (not by bad people, but it's really hard to replace Jess Harnell and not get disappointment) because Canadian VA's are cheaper (it's true. Canadian VAs are not unionized, which as Mela pointed out sucks because 1. Hardworking American VAs get cut since they cost more and 2. Canadian VAs get screwed over for the same work), new awful "Mary-Sue" characters showed up (Brittney was ok, but Dean? Eff Dean. All day, every day) and it lost it's spark by season three. Except Boogie Gus. Boogie Gus forever. Forever ever. The decision to do some sort of terrible "WE JUST GAVE OUR CHARACTERS NEW SUPER POWERS JUST TO SELL MORE MERCH" didn't help. They also never sold MERCH. WHAT THE CHRIST? Also not helping? The fanbase. I have never seen a fanbase so NUTS. You had: - Small children (not bad in a sense, and totally expected, but small children can be/are annoying) - DICKS. No really, dicks. Like, hacking people's account to spite them for the thrill (and/or they don't like what I like) dicks. - Religious Homophobic Nuts & Social Justice Warrior Nuts. Pick one. No really, pick one. Those are your choices. There is also a small contingent of sanity (I still talk to most of these people) but I can probably count them on one hand. Two maybe if I go with the one's who have vanished. I can't even watch the show anymore. I know I shouldn't care about the fanbase, but I can't. Also it started to suck after Season three, but also because the fan base...wait for it...wait for it.... Went off the rails. Crazy Train. P.S. Livejournal why you gotta be hidin' "Writers Block"? Is the latest ONTD discussion about something everyone can know exists by a five second Google search really that much more important than letting people be creative? Come on.
  • supernatural I really like it in the beginning but as season three came it got boring and I stop watching it..
  • Lost
  • I don't think there's really a show that ended as strong or even stronger than it started, at least not when there was more than 1 season. Here, I have to go with One Tree Hill, which started as a (usual) Teendrama, but well written und yes, there were even some differences to other shows (like the Teen-marriage and the triangle that was - at first - stopped to save the friendship. There's no other triangle in which the cheater chose the friendship over love!). The first three seasons were great, touching, heartbreaking, lovely, sweet... well written for the most storylines. But ... when TheWB became TheCW it got really weird. No Season without a psycho anymore. The characters - especially the guys - became douches and sure, every single girl wants a husband and babies. Not to mention how they completely ruined their triangle! It became the worst triangle I've ever seen on a TV Show, and lets be honest, there's barely a show without a triangle. Some storylines were horribly disrespectful to the fanbase IMO and some were just ridiculously stupid (dog eating heart?!). So all in all I have to say, I should have stopped watching after Season 4 (which was the first TheCW Season and the beginning of the end...)
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