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Writer's Block

House Call

Whose house (besides your own) were you in last and why?

Answers (234)

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  •  last time i wa in someone elses house was when i was hangin out with my boyfriend and we was at my bestie sharayha thomas's house we had a blast it was sooo fun till i had to go home
  •  My neighbors. I went over there to get some medicine since I had a cold and didn't have any medicine for cough,  just fever, runny nose, etc.
  •  CJ's house. Easter.  So funny.  We were driving around College Hill harrassing my sister's friend while i screamed 'drunkenly' out the window "Hey Matt, wanna ride?" and ummm, his name is Connor.  But that's a long story.  So, then we drove to Forks where CJ lives, and I called him.  I called him on his cell phone and said "Look out your window, I'm at your house."  And he was like "No you're not."  And I was like "Then look."  And he did, and there I was.  So he "had to get dressed" which took like 5 million hours, and then he got into our car, we took a Facebook picture, and talked with my mom and my sister.  OMG. I just realized I didn't go INTO his house, and like I've been to my grandparents house like twice a week, everyweek since a little after Spring Break.  My bad. But whatevs, this was a funny story to tell.

  • Just last weekend I was at my classmate's house as we decided to hang out and have some fun time with the pool.Hehe.It was so fun and so droll.

    There were fallbacks however. Two in our group had a fight which started out to be petty, but then beacame grave it all resulted to walk-out and harsh words.HAhahay.

    That's what you get when you let your heart win.Haha.
  •  i went to my best friend's house to have dinner with her, plus i went to show her a new dress i bought and had to get her approval.   
  • Hime's country house, with all the gang. First time alone with my friends! (I hope they still like me after seeing me so open~ anxious, anxious anxious)
  • I was in Beth's house waiting for her and Dave to get off work. I was totally rockin' the NCIS. I really like Abby on there, she's awesome. I'm glad they finally put a character like that on a show like THAT. :-) ♥
  • i was at my parents house last night. it was cinco de mayo so we fixed borritos. and i had to go over to watch "House" because i dont have cable at mine. lol
  • У Штепы,патаму что он предложил а я с радостью принял предложение.

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