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Writer's Block

Here's the Skinny...

Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Answers (210)

  • Nope....
  • haha( :
    So, hasn't like everyone been
    skinny dipping? i mean it seems
    like something you would almost
    have to do. oh yeahh && yes. =p
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  • Yes. It was in a backyard swimming pool, so it wasn't as dramatic and idealized as you would think. But it was oddly liberating... despite the fact that it was me and three other girls.

    Next goal: Co-ed in a lake! haha
    ... No, really. I'm serious.
  •  No. I have never been drunk enough to skinny dip anywhere. I think I would be scared of getting caught without my clothes on. (Those who were lucky enough to catch me skinny dipping would have to get therapy for a long time after seeing that!! LOL!!! ) 
    Just my thoughts on this.
  •  well there ose this one time me and my friends aere really bored so we went to the lake and clied the fence.....and things went from there....turns out the kid who was going out with my best friends cousin had a thing for me so it was kinda like a first date...naked already...sorry bout my speelling new keyboad
  • yes, and as wierd as it is. . . usually with Mark and Vinnie, I don't think Mark ever really joined us, but he was there. Once I came overly prepared, but then gave my swimsuit up for kayla. LOL. I don't care, not that I hadn't been naked there before. I figured I would try to save Kayla the horror of getting police questioned with no clothes on. OMG!!! and then that crazy guy was on the beach, and I was like MArk, (GET RID OF HIM) Do you realize I'm naked?!?! It was all good though
  • Yes, I have been skinny dipping, which is something I never thought I would do. I was on a camping trip late last summer, and we were at the White River. It was a big group of people, which is what surprised me even more. I'm going bike riding with Caity tomorrow, 10:00. We're going to have a little ride and then an afternoon picnic. It'll be nice, especially since I haven't seen her in like 3 weeks. I really want to get a night ride together for this summer, a walk on wheels with the fireflies one balmy evening. That would just be beautiful. Anyhow, I am very tired and I need some sleep. Bikes!
  • I wouldn't dare do that. I'm not afraid of my body, but it just doesn't appeal.
  • Yupp.. I havee my cousins as cousins hehee =)
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