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Writer's Block

Define Cheater

What is your definition of cheating?

Answers (219)

  • Cheater - just like everybody else, except that he/she got caught.
  • I am one of the people most against cheating. I think it is low, and hurtful. My definition of cheating is starting at kissing, or intimate touching like groping. Yes, flirting with other girls/boys and leading them on while you're dating someone else is still wrong. But it's not technically cheating, in my eyes. Although it is still extremely hurtful. In my opinion, if you're dating someone then you should be more than happy to just kiss them, or think that way about them, or anything further that happens in your relationship. No one else. If you aren't happy enough with that, then you shouldn't be in that relationship. If you do cheat, then I think you should just fess up to it and hope that your partner can find a way to trust you again. It's not fair to them any other way. If they don't trust you, then you can't really blame them. But keeping it a secret for the rest of your future with them is not going to bring your relationship happiness in any way. So just please, don't cheat. It will save you both the drama.
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  • well a cheater is someone that goes to someone else other than the person that they are going out with and does stuff with them i.e sex, oral sex, kissing, touching and things of that nature. i believe that once your a cheater your always a cheater.
  • If you are in a relationship and you choose to do the things you do with your partner or think about someone else in the same way you think about the one you love. Its cheating. You dont have to be physical to cheat. It can be mental as well.
  • Okay. Well in my opinion there's more than one type of cheater.
    There could be a cheater like the cheater on a test.
    The cheater on a test looks at you or another person's test and copies off of it. Nobody's done that to me so far, at least, not as far as I know.
    There could also be cheater like the cheater on a relationship. The cheater on a relationship goes out with another person when they're already going out with you... Still hasn't happened to me yet, I haven't gone out with anybody... ever.
    There could also be a cheater like the cheater on writing work. Also known as the Plagiarist. Yep, I've been used by a Plagiarist before. He so got me mad when he used me for his poem-plagiarizing game. So goes my answer to the "that saying 'I'm sorry' can't fix?" Writer's Block question.
    There are tons of other types of cheaters as well, too many to name
  • one of the ways to continue living.
  • Allowing anything to distract you from the total focus of one in a relationship.
  • Cheating in general or cheating in a relationship?

    In general it's copying someone elses work or taking answers to a test, etc.
    In a relationship, cheating is making out with, etc. another person besides you boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • My definition of cheating would be getting either physically or emotionally (as you would with a gf or bf) involved with another person while you are dating or married to someone.  I also see selling ones self short as a  form of cheating as well.  Then there is copying someone's test or papers, etc.  Any form of disloyalty is a form of cheating.
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