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What is your favorite vacation spot in the world and why do you love it so much -- is it the activities, the people, the sheer beauty, etc? Would you live there full time if you could, or do you prefer to keep it as a special treat?

Answers (42)

  • It's hard to pick just one... I love some areas in Mancelona... but I also love mountains, and so when I visited the Great Wall and El Paso, I just was taken away. I deal with what I have, though. Since I'm living near the mountains for a year, I guess we will see if it 'ruins' the special treat
  • Walt Disney World. If you need an explanation as to why, you either have never been there or will never understand... Obviously wouldn't live there, but I would prefer to be able to go multiple times a year rather than once a decade.
  • The Beach, all beaches, mostly the east coast of the US and even the beaches on the gulf. I would go there every day if I had the time and had someone to go with me. Mostly because I don't like being alone. But I have thought about driving over almost every day.
  • Key West! It's so... strange. Between the drag queens, the sassy store clerks, the local color, and that 70-some-odd year old dude who struts his stuff in naught but a straw hat and an electric blue thong... OH! And the dude in the spelunking helmet who asked my friend and I if we wanted to smoke a bowl with him on our first night there... heeheeheeheehee! I love it down there. Camping out on the ocean's edge, the perfect sunrises, the gorgeous scenery, the meals of fish so fresh you'd swear they caught it when you ordered it, the tacky gift shops, the flowers and chickens, the beautiful sunsets... seriously, I could go on forever. It's a shame and a half it takes a full 24 hours to drive there from home. *pout* AND THE PIRATES. :D I will have to expand on this entry later.
  • Vacation spot? I'm on a disability allowance, since when do I have the money to vacation like that?
  • My favorite place in the world is Mt. Rogers, Virginia. We go there with the horses and camp over the weekend. I enjoy it most as a respite from the thoughts that plague me daily. When I am with horses I am relaxed and calm, I am focused on them and not on what is going wrong in my life. The location is also beautiful. The smokey mountains are a gorgeous place to be. There are streams and rivers ever mile or so. The mountain is lovely in the summer and there are wild ponies that roam the mountains and are fun to watch. I don't think I would want to live there and grow used to my surroundings. Part of the beauty of the place is that I so rarely get to see it it is precious each time.
  • Easy. Townsend, Tennessee. It's a small town right in the Smoky Mountains and right near Cades Cove, my favorite place in the world. I plan to live in that area when I graduate, saying "I long for it" when I'm not there sounds corny and stupid, but it's true.
  • My favorite vacation spot in the world is London, England. I love it so much for its advanced technology, its rich and diverse history and culture, its proximity to the rest of Europe, its people, my friends that live there, their accents. I love pubs and their alcoholic beverages, especially cider, strong bow to be exact. Its landmarks and bridges. I want to live in London full time. I want to move there. I plan on getting my masters degree there and then I am hoping I can live there. That would be a dream come true.
  • Innsmouth baby! *grin* I visit there as often as I can (thanks to books, audioplays and a vivid imagination). Live there? Sure, as long as I can get a good internet connection along with my Esoteric Order of Dagon badge and really fresh sashimi.
  • Billington Sea in Plymouth! It would not be practical to live there year round, as they have roads that are sand and you'd need a snow plow to go in and out in Winter! I would love to buy or rent a summer place there!! The beauty of the lake and trees and sky would make me happy!
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