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Writer's Block

Happy Earth Day

What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment? What could you do more of?

Answers (237)

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  •  I use contaceptives to reduce world population....every day....
    Oh, yes, I could die and reduce it some more :))))
  • I LOVE TO BE GREEN! I AM NOT KIDDING! Green is the world's greatest thing in the world. I always turn off the lights when I am not in a room, and turn off faucets when brushing my teeth. Every week I recycle at least six bottles from the floor at school and always look for oppotunities to recycle paper and plastic. Carpool. (probably the most easiest thing to do ever) and just plainly love the earth. WE LOVE YOU MOTHER NATURE!!
  •  I recycle the crap out of EVERYTHING. I hardly ever have trash to put out at the curb, but the recycling bin is wearing out.
  •  Turn off the shower when I shave my legs, and the sink when I brush my teeth.

    I could just not shower.... ;)

    Or walk home from school more often.

    But the no shower sounds better....haha.
  • i love helping out the enviroment in anyway that i can. i always recycle anything that can be recycled. i make sure my friends do im always on their case about helping the enviroment. i always turn off the water when i brush my teeth ( it doesnt have to be running if you like the sound get soothing music) very quick showers with eco friendly hair supplies lol it sounds corney but its amazing for your body to shampoo have the same chemicals as a cigarette lol i eat organic food not only is it good for the enviroment its good for your body to. its not good to ingest all the chemicals. i go shopping with my mom and i buy lots of the organic cotton clothing. i like to buy shoes made from reusable material . you may be laughing at me for doing all of this but im not being selfish im thinking of how much longer the earth could be around if i continue with this. i dont want to be around when the earth self distructs and aparently the global warming is working alot faster then expected...anyone watch the movie the day after tomorrow ???? scary shit!!! lol  REMINDER TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS TONIGHT FOR EARTH HOUR!!!!!!! DO IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! THE LAST ONE WENT SOO WELL
  • I recycle papers in whatever ways i can. I just can't stand people who waste paper. Some will just print, and then just crush and throw the paper away. I would crush these people if i can, so that i can prevent wastage of more papers in future. haha.

    Also i have reduced the paperbags or plastic bags when going shopping although i feel that some shops out there needs to be educated alot more on how they pack. They should learn from Mustafa Centre, EVERYTHING pack into 1 plastic bag!!!!   
  • a bunch of little things? Recycle EVERYTHING. Walk to work/from work. turn off the water when you brush! water your plants with dish water. don't waste anything. lights off when it's light outside........ save the environment by being too poor to do anything else, basically.
  • Everyday, I recycle and pick up trash on the side of the road. I care a lot about earth and I do anything to preserve it. ^^
  • Not much, I do not have a car, so use public transport, use reuse shopping bags, not just because it is wasteful, the free one use bags, but also the handles are better for my hands, take as much as my trash to the recycle bins.

    I notice a lot of people, will just leave they trash in the street or anywhere, even if a trash bin is close by, I would carry my trash, to where I can place it in a bin, make the area you live (or someone else) a lot more cleaner.

    I do not think it the more I do, may be the less I do to damage the environment.
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