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When you were a kid, what posters and pictures adorned your room's walls -- TV/movie stars, singers/bands, athletes, Einstein, bio-hazard warning signs? Why were they worthy of display (and did your parents ever yell at you to take them down)?

Answers (74)

  • n'sync... just cute posters... then johnny depp and eminem (still have them up currently, hah)... no one ever told me to take them down.
  • I didn’t have any posters on my wall because it seemed the only ones I wanted at the time were ones my mom objected strenuously enough to take them back to the drugstore where I bought ‘em and get a refund.

    Like this one.

    Also, this one.

    Seriously. Princess Leia was looking way too leggy and busty for Mom’s liking.

    I made up for it later when I joined the Army and plastered every available inch of my barracks room wall with Samantha Fox posters.

    Like this one.

    Not all at once, of course. I had to build my collection up over time.

    Labor of love,

    This is dF

  • My walls were graced with every full-size Linda Ronstadt poster I could find. She was my crush of most of high school and a bit beyond.
  • when i was a kid, i wasn't allowed to put anything up on my wall. because technically it wasn't my wall. it was my father's. my father liked white walls. and antique simplicity. one day, i cut out full pages from all of my favorite music and fashion magazines. and covered all four walls, including my closet. leaving no white but the ceiling... i sat in the middle of my room on the floor and smiled. and then it took my father 3 months to realize what i had done to a room in his house. to express my 15 year old self. ******** i was asked to modify my creation, once he noticed. limited only to my closet doors. walls had to be clean. so made the walls white again. kept my closet covered. and then went out and bought Radiohead's OK Computer poster before i even knew love. before i even knew the name thom york. and posted it up in the middle of one of the white walls.
  • Well, it depends on what part of my childhood. Once I hit about 10 or 11, movie stars and bands covered my walls. At one point, when I was about 13 or 14, New Kids on the Block completely covered my walls. If I can find pictures, I'll share. It was crazy. I spent one weekend redoing my room so there was not a square inch of wall showing. I was so proud of myself. LOL My mom never cared what I put up on my walls. I think those who saw it, were either curious or impressed. I'm not sure. I had a couple of kids tell me once when they saw a glimpse into my room (from the front door because my room was right off the front hall) that I had the coolest room they'd ever seen.
  • Is this the place that I mention that I hand-drew my own wall art?  Of an Orca, and a few dinosaurs, then some colored in geometric shapes... Will this post appear?
  • For the most part, I had posters of whichever actors I deemed sexy at the time plastered on my walls. I was boy crazy, so any time I found a poster of an actor I liked, they would make it onto my walls. And my walls were covered. You couldn't even see very much of the walls, because they were plastered with posters. My parents had put wallpaper up in the room when I was little - white with little red hearts on it, which I had picked out - but then they left one wall without any wallpaper, and that was supposed to be my designated poster wall. I tried for to keep all my posters on that wall for a while, but I desperately failed. My parents didn't really care one way or the other though; it was my room and covering it in posters made me happy, so they let me. Actors that I remember having posters of at various times over the years included Michael J. Fox, Jason Priestley, Mark Paul Gosselaar (and the rest of the cast of Saved By the Bell, because that show was one of my obsessions), Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, Scott Weinger, Ethan Hawke, and Shane McDermott. Another one of my obsessions was ice skating, so I'd have pictures of some of my favorite ice skaters too. I used to go to the Stars On Ice tour every year, and I used to buy a bunch of the pictures they sold. Paul Wylie was always my favorite, so he made it to my walls the most (and I still have one of him on display, which I was able to get signed), but I also had several of Kurt Browning, and various others. When Sergei Grinkov passed away in 1995, that was really the first time I ever dealt a celebrity death. I was devastated, and the next time I went to the skating show, I got a picture of Sergei, his wife, and his daughter in memory of him. That's one of the only other pictures from my childhood that remains <3 I also had some pictures and posters of cars, which was my brother's doing. He was obsessed with cars, and he tried to make me into a car fanatic as well (it worked for video games, so why wouldn't it work for cars?). He used to teach me all kinds of random facts about them and buy me posters and stuff. I did get into them for a while, but never as much as he did, and it was an interest that faded once I got older. I had posters from some of my favorite childhood movies as well. I had ones for The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmations, Pocahontas, Hook, and The Man Without a Face (which started my Mel Gibson obsession - ew). Those are just off the top of my head, but I know there were plenty more. There were a few other random things, like cute pictures of dogs and cats and things. I also had a picture of a mother unicorn and her baby running underneath a rainbow that my mother got me when I was little. I always loved that picture, and it's another one that still remains from my childhood. If it took me that long to talk about which posters I had, you can imagine what my room looked like. Once I got to college, those posters started to come down. I just got to a point where I wanted to see more of my wallpaper (which I still absolutely love) than any of the posters, and I was past the point of my obsessions with said actors. And then came my Harry Potter obsession :P I have a few select framed pictures and posters of HP, and that's about it. For the most part, you can mostly see my wallpaper now. And on the wall that my parents had left without wallpaper, I decided to paint a mural. It features Hogwarts on a cliff overlooking the lake, and on the grounds are the Whomping Willow, Padfoot, Moony, and a stag Patronus :)
  • I was never really big into posters and such. In fact, I don't remember hanging anything on my bedroom walls. The back of my door had a mirror. Man, does anyone remember TeenBop?? What ever happened to all of those tween/teen magazines???
  • No TV/movie stars, singers/bands, or any of those other things. I had a very large map of the world, and a color-by-numbers picture of a very colorful bird that I'd spent many hours on because it was mosaic-like and had thousands of little squares to color in. I don't think my parents ever yelled at me to take anything down. They didn't mind the bird and they probably liked the fact that I was interested in geography. There had to be more than just those two things, but they're the only ones I can remember. ...
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