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If You Build It

Think about your dream home. Tell us -- where is it, what does it look like, and what's always stocked inside?

Answers (57)

  • Not gonna lie, I saw this documentary about a green home. It was completely self sustaining... I would love to have one of those!! I'd like to be outside of the city, but not too far away. I would like a basement and a nice backyard with wildlife. I would also like a big garden. Peace, love, and happiness would always be stocked inside
  • my dream house is a big huge victorian. I dunno where it will be... But I love those kinds of houses. I see one near my aunt's house it's awesome. It's got this tower at the top and I just love it.
  • Location: foot of the Rockies, preferably nearish Denver. Far enough away for privacy, near enough to get a decent Internet connection. Appearance, outside: Jay and I discuss this fairly often. He likes stonework, and I like a contrasty paint scheme. I hate those muddy, nondescript neutrals that have been used for the last decade or so. I'd want a small flower/magickal garden, a small vegetable garden, and a low-water use, low-maintenance remainder. Trees. Appearance, inside: Our house right now is all white inside. I itch to paint it. I like color around me; pastels make me cringe. I want wood floors - durable ones - so when grandkids visit, I don't have to worry about it. Woodwork, arts and crafts-style. Other interior details: A beautiful stairway. Lots of closets. A room for each kid. An office/craft room/studio for me, an office for Jay. A LIBRARY. I like to cook, but I don't need a gourmet-style kitchen. A good espresso machine. A big pantry. A big master bath with a whirlpool tub. With my fibromyalgia, that's almost a must. Upstairs laundry. Energy-efficient EVERYTHING. Instant hot water heaters. Whole-house vacuum. What's stocked: Cherry Coke, good coffee. Our favorite foods. Zum soap. Good chocolate. Fruit.
  • Dream Home - a bungalow house

    Where is it -  near sea side with the cold and fresh air 

    Look like - always a new built

    Always stocked inside - love

  • It's a bit tucked away but full of wood (real wood) and there is food, water, heating supplies for the winter, and room for friends. "Old fashioned" looking.
  • Hmm. Dream home, huh... Well, I can imagine a summer house somewhere near a crystal clear water and beach. The house would be stationary, hovering over the clear blue water. The house would be  a decent size with Hawaiian furniture... It'd be cozy and isolated, and you'd hear the breeze and crash of the water... Inside would be stocks of guitars and ukuleles... A place where I can share who I really am with someone.  
  • Where is it? Somewhere with mountains. I don't think I could live anywhere that didn't have mountains. What does it look like? I really like the Arts & Crafts style. The house would only be as big as it needs to be, but I would like it to have a good sized TV room with state-of-the-art equipment (whatever that may be at the time) and space for all my Star Wars stuff. The house I have now would be pretty close to my dream house (minus the Arts & Crafts style) if I could finish the basement, furnish it the way I want and pick it up and move it to a bigger lot so the neighbors weren't so close with a better view of the mountains. What would it always be stocked with? Lots of music, lots of movies and lots of books.
  • It is somewhere in the Appalachians. It's one of those old Victorians with a wraparound porch, a tower, and lots of wooden lacy stuff like a wedding cake. It has a separate library with window seats and built-in bookshelves, a living room with an enormous leather couch, and a bedroom with one of those huge four-poster beds. Good books, good movies, and plenty of ice cream. 
  • Besides a castle (heh heh), my dream home would be a smallish to medium-sized tudor-style house or one made out of stone with a lush yard and ivy maybe growing up the side... Arches and spires would be present. It would be located on an English/Scottish/Welsh countryside. It would always be stacked with classic books (very old ones), fun movies/tv shows to watch, and lots of tea!!
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