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Writer's Block

More, More, More

What would you like to do more of?

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  •  i would like to travel more, and laugh more, and not care more, and do my work more, and get my act together more, and photographize more, and love more
  •  I would love to spend more quality time with Coty. I don't mean sitting home and watching movies, I mean actually interracting with each other. Going some where together and making some real memories, or adding to them, should I say. I love him so much and I really want to get everything I can out of our relationship together, is that strange??^.^ I just love him so thats what I would do more of.
  • I'd like to spend some more good old-fashioned friend fun time! ya kno, bond with your friends, outside of school have fun! go to the arcade, the mall, the movies, somewhere where you can goof off and not be questioned! there are friends that i haven't even gone anywhere with, or been to their homes, or had them over, and that kind of saddens me. its like they only have time to put up with me in school :-( and i talk to all of my friends on IM allllll the time, but its not the same. like, they could be doing hw, talking to other people, doing random other crap, and basically have no interest in what i'm saying. and besides, having fun in person is always better cuz you can actually HAVE FUN. not just TALK (type) about having fun. hopefully, next weekend (not this weekend cuz i am BOOKED) i can resolve suma that, and go somewhere cool and fun with some friends i haven't yet done any cool and fun stuff with
  • Socialize with people I use to especially girls there are a number of events from as far back as elementary that made me keep my guard up with girls. I didn't notice until high school. like with guy friends it's easy cause they seem to care less and be less critical and moody. but who is to say that I am not critical or moody? I got use to this pattern of making fast friends with boys especially during my era of smoking dope. There are far less female dope heads out there. With girls, the patten was more slow as friendships developed. If something bad happens with a girl I will say fuck her or be really hurt and keep away from females with similar traits. If a guy says shit about me, or is just my friend cause he wants to someday be more. I don't care. He doesn't know what it's like to be a girl and he will most likely not be more than my friend. I say that because if I do like a guy I get so shy that I can't just be their cool friend. I become this shy girl with no personality who never knows what to say. Lucky for me by new bf has been my friend for years. And we are very silly together. I still get kind of shy and my face gets so red it makes me  sweat if something embarrassing happens with him, but oh well. That's my own deal I need to get over. Recently we passed the relationship landmark where you can talk about farting and bowel habits together. He is so much more than I imagined. I find myself being the one who needs to work on communication and the likes. How did this get so long? i really came to write about something else. What?.. idk
  •  exercise, understand, achieve, sleep, smile, laugh, enjoy life, travel, and love.
  •  Well if Im gunna be honest here, I'd totally love to have SEXXX ALOT MORE OFTEN, lol. Yea I said it. I think thats the way everyone feels, but they think its really taboo. Well I like taboo. I like doing what not many like to mention. I dont wanna be a porn star or anything, just having that experience is great with someone. I mean doing it yourself is good bc you know all of your pleasureable areas, lol. But it always feels better when someone else finds them...yea <<<<<
  •  i would say i would love to spend more time with jared. just me and him
  • just spend more time with my significant others
  • Sleep...schools draining and then when i get to sleep i feel like its soo short..
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