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Writer's Block

Tax Day

If you're getting one, how are you planning to spend your tax refund?

Answers (226)

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  •  I am planning on buying a new cell phone so I can actually contact the outside world. If I can afford one before my tax return comes, than I want to replace my IPOD Classic, which I lost. 
  • Because I must break every law in Minnesota, I'm going to spend it on fireworks. Not the crappy fountains that are available at Econo Foods, but the big kind that make people crap their pants. I have to drive all the way to Wisconsin to get them too.
  • Well. I'd really like to buy a new iPod. But I have two loans right now. Lol. So instead, I'm spending about.. 1/4 of it, not even, on a seasons pass to Canadas Wonderland, my fave amusement park, and the rest is going towards my loans. How boring.
  • okay, well "planning" = bills. But "wanting" is more like: get a fish tank a unicycle a trailer for my bike so EJ and I can ride Renton in style a quilt for the bed. Blankets rock. a new jacket that's more grown-up and appropriate for Seattle weather. a dress cats dinner at the nicest restaurant in Seattle fly to Rochester for my 10-year reunion personal trainer personal nutritionist therapist dog house in South-Lake Union MarioKart & Wii lasik okay, now I'm just gorging on the idea of being rich. Somebody else's post put that in my head. ..mmm... unicycle...
  • Vacation in Europe, my HOMELAND! I'm sick of New York and "New Yorkers". Big middle finger to all of them! Those nasty fuckers on the train, pushing their way through without simple "excuse me", those who step on you and expect apology from you, those who steal your seat right in front of you and pretend to be sound asleep the very same moment they sit down - WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this society?!?

    Got my both checks last week - the countdown started! :)

  • If I do get a tax refund, do I have to tell the Tax Office about it & pay tax on this ?
  •  I just used it to buy a new refrigerator.
  • I did get a tax return back in February and I spent that money on my son's Christmas present.  We delayed so we would have enough money to actually buy him the only thing he wanted this year: a Wii.  We bought a bundle pack and got some games and some extra controllers and saved the rest up to pad out for groceries and gas and school necessities and so forth so I could get through classes. 

    When we get our next batch of money from the IRS for the new law they just passed, I'm going to repair my laptop and save the rest up to pad out for groceries and food and things and my state board exam money so I won't have to worry about scrounging for that money.  I'm also figuring in my retake money I'll need and the money for the review before state boards that I'll have to do.  The board exam is 250, the review course is 150 and there's still a 95 dollar workshop I have to attend... so I'm going to be busy come the end of June and beginning of July through September when I should graduate. 

    I'm already stressing about it. 

    Going back to the prompt... the next return is going to be saved so I can stop stressing about money and focus on school.  *crosses fingers*
  • Oh boy. I haven't really thought about it. All I know is that I'm going shopping. Although. I probably shouldn't touch it. I should just not touch my money. I mean, I don't really need any of the shit I buy. Except for bras and whatnot. And perhaps some shorts. Well, even if I spend a little bit of it.. I should try to limit myself. Cause, I'm sick of going through my money in like.. 2 hours. It's sick and pathetic. So tax day dollars. They shall remain in my bank. =]  
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