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Writer's Block

Back in Time

If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why?

Answers (246)

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  • - 1400 yrs ago. wanna see the begining of Islam my self. and see my prophet PBUH and his companians.
    -i'd go a lil back and take back stuff im not very proud of doing it.
    -100 yrs from now =)..see how it all went, i don't think i'll really like it though =p. so lets stick here =p.
  • To hunt with the warrior-priestesses of the Sauromatians. Why? To experience that world. Why else?
  • Maybe the future but in a very long time because I wouldn't like to know what happened to me I'd like to travel far into the future to see what Earth has become it would be interesting...
  • If i could honestly travel back in time, i would choose the 80's. Those were times where you can go out, have a good time, and not have to worry about all the dangers in life. I love everything about the 80's, the rediculous fashion trends, the awesome music, the glam band icons. My favorite music comes from this era. My parents don't know how lucky they were, everything they did, are the things i want to do now. Im the kid who was born in to the wrong generation. None of the friends i have, are really interested in to the things i like. My likings refer to the stones, concerts in the park, chiling in a bus. I havent met anyone my age, that likes the things i do.
  •  i would like to travle into the future, but only like 20 or 30 years
    i wanna do that to prove to people that 'global warming' and 'global cooling' isnt gonna kill the planet in a few years
    also, i would like to c wat became of me and my friends and family
    and find out if i ttly jacked up my life or if it is going 'perefectly' 
    than i could change it when i came bac into the present

  • I wanna visit jurassic period. Such an interesting creatures lived on Earth
  • If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why?

    I'd probably go back to the 1980's.
    Simply because I'd love to have been around 17/18 when Crue were huge.
    And because I adore all that glam rock, hair metal stuff going on :)

    I'll probably post a few graphics here, who knows.

  • I would  travel back to the Victorian era specifically in the  bustle period. Mostly just for the clothes  :D

  • Back in time: Definitely the regency period. Then after a little while I'd fast forward to the 1920's. After that I'd like to skip ahead to about 600 years from now, and see how things have (or haven't) changed. Ancient civilizations are also very interesting, so maybe somewhere I'd find time to explore those.
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