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Taste the Rainbow

If you could taste color, what would your favorite color taste like?

Answers (108)

  • My favorite color is red and it would taste like a perfectly ripe sweet strawberry!!

  • Love the color green. And, this question is a no-brainer for me today because the name of my living room paint is "Celery". I realize celery is a little bland, but still...

  • my fave color is blue, and when I think of blue, I think of water. so, blue would be tasteless
  • This is my favorite color.  It would taste like vanilla scented cotton candy.
  • Me: I would taste blue because it would be blue raspberry. I'd say purple but when it comes to taste, it now makes me think of something that shriveled up and died :/ Raisins... are brown. Whoops. Anyway, my favorite color is black or red but red makes me think of cherries and I don't like artificial cherry flavors so much. Plus, black will probably taste worse than the shriveled up dead purple taste :/

    My friend Ashley: Hello again well if i could taste a color it would most likely be pink omg i luv pink especially with cheetah print its just adorable. Now idk what it would taste like but im sure it be good because there are so many shades just like food especially hot pink plus im so hot so it equals out hit me up wink wink
  • I barely think of a favorite color. I'm plain and I usually prefer black or white, actually just any. However, if I could taste color, I guess it would be merely pink which tastes like strawberry ice cream. Brown would be like chocolate cake that I love eating for dessert but it's too sweet for me. I had the thought of mango shake when I see yellow and I think of orange as candies. Veggie salads symbolize green which means healthy while red is some kind of spicy I guess. Pink isn't obviously even on one of the colors of the rainbow but for me it looks yummy and sexy. I can even think of you as pink when you are looking so cute and funny! Smile is also pink and it's totally yummy so let me taste your smile! hehe :)
  • Hm, I like indigo, and I think it would have a rather blueberry-ish flavour...
  • Like fresh strawberries....(:
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