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I Left My Heart in...

What do you love about where you live?

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  • the thing i really like about where i live is we're all living here together. everybody hates the cops here, even if i hate the person. and even tho people give it the "ugh ohio/dayton sucks" yet they have never lived anywhere else. and if they have not for long,only took a vacation. ever notice ya pipefaggots this is home. even half way around the world with people i love and places i love id still like to see dayton, or go to 5th 3rd field and be at home. with the people i love, the people i hate. other than that, feel great. actually even with that i feel great and also...
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  • I guess I'd have to say the wood near my house....its the one natural part still left in this town. When you walk through the centre you can actually get the illusion you are in a deep forest. Its so peaceful and relaxing.
  • I love Essex because Im right near London, near all the shops with all the beautful clothes, there's so many chances to do what you want, plus Im near the beach which is totally cute for summer :)


  • Hmmm... the closer I get to the mountains, the cooler the temperatures are. I love cold weather. I love rain. I don't care for the heat that is rapidly approaching in the summer months. But I love how close I am to my workplace. Other than that, I want to escape. With the cat. Because he is a very good thing about home.
  • I have a love hate relationship with my town. it's a small, beach town in Ma, so its fairly quiet. nothing too exciting happens in my town, sometimes a robbery, sometimes crazy's hide around the town, (every town has its problems) but you know, that's it. my town can be too quiet at times. but i like it. i love how i can look out my window and sea the sunset over a forest. i love how i can go to the beach and not worry about English tourists who think its okay to walk around the beach naked. i can look up into the sky and see thousands of stars because there arent any city lights. where i live in the town, i cant walk anywhere because its all far. and if i tried i'd probably get hit by one of those crazy Ma drivers every says live here. i like being cold in the winter and hot in the summer. its the way of life i was brought up to live by. how many southern california people can miss school because of something as beautiful as snow? not many i can tell you that. i love seeing a stray fox walk around my backyard. i love it all here, i guess. sure, it could be more exciting, but maybe somewhere in the back of my mind, i dont want it to get any more exciting than it is now.
  • My bed.
  •  Well, I live in a really deserted place at the moment, so I can't really say that I like anything about where I live. But where I used to live, in Daly City, was really a nice place. I miss being there and being able to GO places without having to worry about how I'll get home.

    There's only one bus that runs past here and it stops running at 7:30. What fun can anybody have before 7:30?! WEAK, I say.

    But where I used to live in Daly City, there're over 10 different buses I can take from there. It was right near the BART station and I could just walk there and be anywhere in Daly City or San Francisco within minutes. Man, how I miss that.

    I'm hoping to move into San Francisco sometime soon. I know a lot of people say that, but, I really want to. I'm there on weekends and everything, spending time with my dad... but, other than that, I don't really get to spend much time in the city. I love it there so much, thouhg. I'd really love to know more about San Francisco and be able to navigate my way around it effortlessly, y'know?

    *sigh* One day.

  • I love my backyard, most houses have small yards or live back to back, but my house is at the end so behind my house is the yard, the fence at the end of the yard, and then a really big field where you can play, fly a kite (no trees), and other stuff. Its awesome!
  • I love that it is just about the ONLY place that I've been able to call home. Everything got out of it's boxes. And I loved there for more than 3 months. It was a realyl nice change. It was nice to have something even a little stable in the crazy thing I call my life. My mom feels that I overexaggerate, but the truth really is that I lived at like 7 addresses within 2 years. Broad St has been the only stabilty that I've had since the village. And it seems liek that is over too. We are supposed to be moving very soon. It really saddens me. I think I get even more sad about it because I just realized why I loved it so much recently. When Dennis and I broke up I had the hardest time leavign the house, and it wan't him. It was just the house. When I was upset I wanted to be wrapped in those bedroom walls, and when I cooked I wanted the crazy stove. Just everything. It was so hard to move away, and I think it has alot to do with why I came back. When it came down to Dennis losing the apartment, or my mom. . . I couldn't deal with never being able to be in there again, after leaving so suddenly. I've had so many memories there. I had alot of plans for the house, and many never went anywhere, but I love it anyway.
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