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Writer's Block

Spilling Secrets

What secret (your or someone else's) do you wish you'd done a better job of keeping?

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  • What secret (your or someone else's) do you wish you'd done a better job of keeping?

    I wish i had kept the secret of Jamie ( my boyfriend of five months- almost) and myslef going out. Everyone was like , " ooh. You dumped CC for some lad of of CE's street. " people were sdayinmg behind my back that it would never work out. It our 5 month anniversary on the 25th May.

  • Well, if it never slipped out that I was gay I probably would have never got framed in the librairy by this giggly boy who was made horny by it, and then grabbed this fat ugly girls @$$, and blamed it on me b/c he knew she was homophobic, and would believe that b.s., and then I wouldn't got in trouble 4 it, having to appologize for something I didn't do. It's not a secret but, I regret telling her, and giggle boy hearing it cuz of what happened.
  • When my mate briony went out with puff of the month Aaron i wasn't best pleased. I knew he was a muppet from the start but she liked him. But then he started  swearing at me and my mates and acting like a real  git, he's also very thick which doesn't help. As well as this his bezzie Nathan kept taking aaron from briony and mucking about with him getting briony into trouble. My best mate Holly told me she didn't like the way  he was acting but she didn't want to tell Briony. I should have kept it to myself but he was such a prat. I told Briony she could do better than him and after a while she got proper upset, i wish i would have kept it to myself.
  • I wish I'd named him for what he was and what he is: a person, like anyone else, who made me feel as though I was exceptional. I made myself, and him, look bad, and I put my trust in the wrong people, as usual. I know now what I should have known then - that things would go wrong, that it was a situation that no one could get out of without hurt feelings and a significant amount of unanswered questions. Every time I think it doesn't matter anymore, I have a dream with him in it. I think we're both happy now - I know I'm happy with the people I surround myself with now. It doesn't change his significance in my life and my future decisions, and although it might have been a mistake to ever be involved with him (and I'm not sure that it was, I was truly happy, even though it may have been fleeting and left me with as many doubts as confirmations), I know that, for future reference, no matter how great the rewards may be, some risks aren't worth taking. I will always remember what he meant, and what he still means. I'm proud to say that I am the one least tarnished by this experience. Damage to my already shaky reputation is the least of my worries now. I'd never tell anyone to avoid taking risks, sometimes taking a risk is the most rewarding decision you can make. But I would advise them to consider the future, and consider the limitations of time and space - something I should have done. Given the position I'm in now, I still wouldn't change what originally happened, given the chance, I just would've hoped to have been better prepared for what would eventuate. I genuinely hope that things are going well for him, I just wish he'd have a look around. I would never wilingly cause him problems, I care for him now as I cared for him then. Keeping secrets can hurt you, but not keeping them can hurt you more. Everyone needs to recognise the consequenes of placing your faith in people that have no concept of the damage they could cause, or just ignore it. Some things, if not all things, should be confined to the people that you can rely on to look out for you.
  • My crush (and other things) on Kyle. I wish I could have kept that from my best friend...GRRR!

    *fEDIT* I don't regret that I told Caitlin about my crush, but I told her something in addition to that and she has blasted to at least two, possibly three people. What I told her is very embarrassing and she was the only person supposed to know about it. She puts me on blast about and I am truly getting tired of it because I don't do the same thing to her. So, why is she doing it to me?
  • Well that would have to be about sex. I really wish I could just keep silent about my sex life. See, the thing is, I never gossiped when I was in high school. Didn't care for it and personally thought it was garbage in, garbage out behaviour not garbage in, garbage out someone's ear, in the other... I had a huge problem with sex because when I started having sex my s/o had secrecy issues, he wanted me to be a secret, and let nobody know that we were an item. When we moved out to SLC I was still staying with his best friends' sister, and family. I figured I'd get buddy buddy with her, and she asked about sex because that's like the only thing we had in common. I divulged everything since I was a nympho...yeah and it came back to slap me in the face because she talked to him and such, then it got back to her parents (which looked up to my s/o as a son...) That turned out like hell. I will work on only telling people I really know and care about in person, not the whole world about sex.
  •  I've kept every secret I've ever been told.
  • Wow. . . I have a lot of secrets I wish I had kept to myself. The major one is, the fact that I liked some one. I had a crush on this guy for a long time and then eventually I burst. I knew that if I told my secret to my friend she wouldn't be able to keep it to herself, but she was bugging me about who I liked and I was tired of keeping it a secret. So, I told. From there, it all crashed and burned. I'm over all of that now though. I guess it really could have been worse. The guy I liked could have been a jerk and made fun of me, but he didn't. I was rather thankful for that. In any case, I learned to keep my mouth shut when it comes to personal matters. 
  • I can't say as though there are many secrets I had wished I'd kept, to be honest.  I am actually pretty good at keeping secrets if I KNOW they're a secret.  There are some secrets I leaked because no one told me they were secrets, but I can't say as though that really counts.  I've taken secrets to the other person's grave and sometimes even beyond.  There are things my friend Krystel told me that she said she hadn't told anyone else and they're things that I won't be relating, either, even though she's passed.  There are things people have told me in the strictest of confidence, bounced ideas off of me, got my opinions and thoughts, and later have come out and announced their decisions, but I was there with them through that decision making process and I never said a word unless they asked me about it first.  When they mentioned it, when people asked me what was said or how they came to that decision, I tell them to take it up with the person who asked because it's not my place to say.  It was said in Proverbs (yes, I'm quoting the Bible), A wise man speaks rarely.  Lao-tzu has said, "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know." and "To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease." 

    I find great wisdom in these quotes and my sleep addled brain is drawing conclusions that might not make sense under tomorrow's light, but I'll attempt to make sense of it.  I think many people would do well to realize they need to keep their mouth shut, speak less, don't offer information or commentary unless asked and to admit when they do not know something instead of pretending to know and later being proved wrong, hence the following quote by Twain, "Tis better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." 

    How many times has someone told you something you believed was on good authority and later found was nothing more than someone shooting off their mouth to have made conversation or, worse, to make themselves look more important?  Didn't your opinion of said person break down after a time, especially when the authority on the subject denied everything ever said? 

    Close mouth, engage brain, put a damper on pride and vanity, re-engage brain and then speak, but only if necessary.  If someone didn't ask for your opinion, don't give it.  Sit back, close your mouth.  People listen more to a man who doesn't speak. 

    ‘By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection which is noblest;
    second, by imitation, which is the easiest;
    and third, by experience, which is the bitterest.’


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