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Writer's Block

My Secret Identity

Describe your different personas.

Answers (200)

  • Default State: Calm, a little bouncy, sweet, innocent.

    Vigilante: Determined, ruthless, possibly going into Knight Templar territory. Leave your logic at the door.

    School: Kind of apathetic, Mai-like.

    Home: See "Default State".

    With Friends: Energetic side comes out.

    Writing: Let's say a mixture of Darren Aronofsky (black humor), Chris Avellone (general writing style) and David Cronenberg/David Lynch (sick twisted bastardness). With a bit of Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson on the side. Call it a mish-mash, really. /not bragging. Honest. XD

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  • So....I'm bored, and saw this idea in the "writer's block" archives...

    Let's see...my different personas...

    Mod Synch: This is the guy everybody (you know who you are) hates. Rules are made to be followed, and rule breakers need banned!!!

    I love the Ban button.
    Well...okay...he doesn't actually want all rule breakers to be banned....but he is rather strict regarding the rules. He has to rein in his tendency to rigidly enforce the precise wording of the rules.

    Regular Synch: This is my normal attitude, in real life and online. Acerbic, confrontational, unwilling and unable to ignore a fight. But also willing to be friends with the person he's arguing with. Hates trolls, hates rude people. Prefers to be alone over being in a group.

    Mad Synch: Stay out of his way. He'll fight anything and anyone, and isn't above "cheating" to win. The angrier he gets, the less willing to back down he is, and (in the real world) the less cognizant he is of pain. That's a bad thing, because it means he doesn't stop.

    TBPS/TBPDPS (The Big Pervert Synch/The Big Pervert DreadPirateSync): This is where I get in trouble. See...if something can be taken 2 ways...and one of those ways is in some way highly inappropriate...that's almost always the way I take it... (See the Motivator entry for a classic example.) Unfortunately, this one has to be kept contained since it is highly inappropriate for most situations. (Most boards, church,  weddings, funerals...you get the picture.)

    Semi-Regular Synch: Sort of used in combination with the first Regular Synch. This one enjoys hanging out with friends, going to movies, out to eat... He likes people, but in small numbers and small doses.
  • This is going to be an ongoing thing, so let me start now. 1. My child . loves to be taken care of, babied, running around. Jumping. Loves the woods, and tents, adventurous. 2 My Mom . This is simple. I had a kid. There is a WHOLE different personality with him.
  •  One of my personas is dead.
    It's me, without medication.
    Down all the time, always slouching, noticably suicidal.
    I'm still suicidal, but the meds help me hide that trait.
    I get on with my life now.
    Now I'm a hyperactive fucking MONSTER.
    Every second with me.
    Even with the meds though, sometimes I'm an emotional wreck.
    But whenever I'm sad about something I express it in an angry way.
    I'll stab pictures, yell, throw things and hurt myself.
    I never just cry anymore.
    I always have something else.
  • My secret personas ... hmmm ... interesting topic . I believe , that we all are who we are . Deep down, we all have our entirely own personality. We just choose what side of it we want to show certain people in certain situations . You are a person, who willingly lets people all the way in, giving them the seat on the first row, watching your life and everything in it, and you are a person who shuts people out . You are both . It just depends on who we are dealing with. I know I do. Unfortunately, I don't let too many people in. I did once, and now I guess I'm afraid of doing it again. But sometimes, you catch me in a moment, where I'm ready to open up my soul and let anybody and everybody know how I feel. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. And I think we all have those moments. The thing that matters though is "do you have a person to share it with?". Cause usually, whenever I'm ready to talk about how I feel, to pretty much anyone, no one's around. Is it my subconsciousness protecting me, from what once happened? Is it making sure, that I only feel that way, whenever nobody is around to know?
  • Can i do this for Fursona? lol XD

    I have already discussed my feminist side i call Gwen. Let me further contribute to this.

    Gwendolynn Starlight. Not your average furry long haired cat girl. nope, no sir.

    Long ago, in a distant time and place, in a country known as ireland (olde ireland to be exact) just inside the 13th century era... She was born.

    Raised to be a wonderful young woman but killed by a mercifulless vampire.

    Distroyed by this asshole, she waited and gained power till the day she took revenge.


    Basically: shes a cold heartless killer, a demonic vampire who would stop at nothing except for maybe a higher bidder than to kill the people around her.


    Preistess:  She entered the world of preistesshood and took the oath of the mother earth. After going through training she became well known on her earth as "Preistess Gwendolynn and had her own music band...

    She's not all bad.. ... all the time.. <3

    anyway. if i could be her. i would. She's hot. :D
  • i  have a sober and a drunk one
  • Lets address the first persona as Lyssy. She's the church girl dating the choir boy. They've been dating off and on since seventh grade. And they're 'supposed' to be together. Next would be Alyssa. She's the crazy one. Fiesty, offbeat, wild. She doesn't care that you disapprove. Alyssa Jo! Having fun with her friends is her first priority. She's a hippie, loves the Earth (and donkey kong) The same CD plays in her room everyday. The Go-To Nerd. She's the girl in love with math. Everynight, before bed, you'll find her with a book. She prefers to go unnoticed.
  •  Why, what a perfect question to ask me. 
    I have quite a few.

    First of all, i have the Homebody Emily.
    She's introverted, empathetic, profound, etc.
    Her favorite things are her books, her laptop, her stuffed animals, her diary, her music, her comfy clothes, her DVDs, her songbook, etc.
    She likes to stay at home, and if she must be social, she emails or AIMs people.
    She likes to compose music. She is very shy about these songs, though.
    She likes to be online. She second guesses everyone and everything.
    She is very dreamy and liberal and idealistic.

    Okay, prepare yourself for the kook I like to call Completely Insane Emily.
    She likes to dance (badly), sing loudly, chat on the phone or AIM or email, do weird faces in the mirror, and if she does actually go to a party (AKA, if she invited, which is pretty rare, unless it is one of those lame-o RMA dances or a "pity invite." No need to feel sorry for her. She feels sorry for you because you aren't her. ^_^)
    She loves her friends, ish. ISH. Only if they are pleasing her at the moment. She has NO patience for sell outs. NONE.
    She hates cliques with an extreme passion. Everything about them.
    In many different perspectives, she has seen the damage of these shallow comfort zones and how many friends and potential friends she has lost because of them.
    But, in a way, she is thankful for them because she sees those who actually cares, and who care more about their popularity and insecurity with their self. 
    She thinks many people have no sense of self.
    She doesn't have many friends because she doesnt accept those who dont click with her.
    Its hard to click with her, to be honest.

    And there are others, like the PMS Emily, and the In-the-middle Emily, but most of here spells involve extreme emotion. =)\

    Loves - Ehm uh lee
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