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Writer's Block

Spring Cleaning

Are you planning on doing any spring cleaning this year? If so, please share a cleaning tip you swear by.

Answers (235)

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  •  I'm totally knee deep in organizing shit.  I've determined that my husband is a packrat.. he's kept so much military crap that it's ridiculous.  I found day planners from 2001.  Some of it I've tossed but some of it I've kept simply because I'm not really sure if it's important or not.  I have a box for the I don't know stuff that he said he would go through when he gets back.  

    TIP: Clear plastic containers.  They're cheap at Wal-mart of Target and are great for organizing.  They create a ton more space in closets or garages, and since they're clear, it's easy to see what's inside.  I used several of the 5 gallon ones for my purses and cleared off an entire shelf in our closet.  Same with our den.  I was able to transform a closet when we basically threw crap into a place that has room to spare.  SCORE.  

  •  Cleaning? Me? Puh-lease! Although, yeah, I guess I should clean out some of my stories. My one cleaning tip is, if it means something to you, don't throw it out because you can't find anywhere to put it. If it's important, keep it. But DON'T keep everything.

    Well, there's my good deed for the day, now I can go tell small children brussel sprouts are monkey brains without feeling guilty. Woohoo!!!

    Kisses, Becks
  •  The main thing I cleaned during my 'spring cleaning' is my book shelves- I reorganized and indexed my books. I made a notebook for the books in storage (which allowed me to make room for more books on the shelf. I still have to work on cataloguing my text books but that is going to wait until summer vacation. I cleaned under my bed (very easy) and cleaned my dresser ajnd rearranged my furniture. Added a new book shelf next to my window. I washed my windoew (bleach and water to get rid of mold and mildew) Then I used windex. Shiny windows!    I am working on moving my speakers still and cleaning off my pictures and wall posters. Yep I think that is it.
  • You know what cleaning tip that I fucken swear by...............TO GET RID OF TOXIC, UNREAL BITCHES...AND KEEP THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOXIC BITCHES ARE LIKE DUST BUNNIES...THEY NEED TO BE SWIFTED WITH A SWIFTER DUSTER...AND BE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!!!!! ...a lot has happened in my life you guys...and yes, I'm back ;) . Much Luv
  • Провожу уборку дома и во дворе в порыве творческого вдохновения.
  • Lol, no XD
  • придерживаюсь советов от FLY LADY.очень здорово помогает,и корпеть каждую весну не надо...
  • Do it when you have the most energy...or when you are angry. Have some music on!
  • I think this is the first blog I've posted on Livejournal. I've always wanted my own blog. Wow, that sounded nerdy. So yes, I've decided to share with my audience of no one what my plans for spring cleaning are, and what I suggest (because all my friends know my room is completely spotless...sarcasm). So what I would suggest is, if you're a reader, try going through your bookcases to see if there are books you don't want, or don't need, or don't need in your room. If you don't need them in your room, but you might need them in the future, pack 'em up in boxes to make room for books you DO need/want. That's what I did last weekend...sounds eventful. I went to the mall before that though, and I got the new Panic At The Disco CD...because I love them, but I never got a chance to go out since the release of Pretty. Odd. For books you don't want/need...well, today my mom and I brought them to the library to donate. It was a little sad, because I've had those books forever. But it was time to do some cleaning up. And I buy a lot of books (especially manga) so it was a good idea for me to clear them out. You may have your own takes on what to do about that; this is my opinion. When it comes to cleaning your room. If you've got clothes hanging all over the room, it's a good idea to go around the room looking for things that you consider garbage. For instance...old price tags from clothes that you just randomly found once but was too lazy to pick them up (like me...). Um...papers that can be recycled that you don't need (like the ones I used to have on my floor before I picked them up this weekend). I understand that I'm not very helpful. Especially because there's probably next to no one who will read this until I've been on LJ longer. I like having an online journal, so even if no one DOES read it, I'll probably post things anyway.
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