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How many relationships have you been in?

Answers (77)

  • Proud to say that I've never been in a relationship. Anyways, I'm waiting for the right time with a right man. :)
  • I've had 7 guys call me girlfriend between  The ages of 15 - 31  But I only consider 3 of them to be relationships They all broke my heart
  • zero, zip , none, nada... ^_^
  • One, and it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!
  • If I counted like normal people I would say 5
    but to me I only had one truly relationship (RIP Bobby)
  • 7, would like to be in another but no one around here wants to go out with me because I don't hang out at bars or don't fish or 4 wheel or party or mountain climb.....
  • I was in one relationship 6 months  after my husband left.
  • Well, there's my undying relationship with my laptop, then my iPod, and my shoes and I are pretty tight so you could say that we're gonna go a long way. I have a love-hate relationship with my clothes but that's okay, we know we can't live with each other. AND OH, MY STRONGEST RELATIONSHIP HAS GOT TO BE WITH MY OTP. I simply breathe KyuMin. #KTHNXBYE



    /burrows self in cocoon and wallows in self-pity
  • One. Seven years of being friends before we started dating, about 3 1/2 years ago. Why yes, we are an anomaly!
  • My answer to this is pretty much the same response as when asked how many people I've slept with (which admittedly is somewhat more than I've had relationships with): I DON'T WANNA THINK ABOUT IT. D= Mainly because the number is both cases is well into the double digits...but as well, in terms of relationships, I haven't had anything of the kind for almost nine years now. It doesn't seem likely that I ever will again, either. I used to think I was lucky to have been genuinely in love with several people--thankfully, not all at the same time--because some folks go their whole life without ever being in love with a single person, ever. In my current frame of mind, however, I tend to think of those people as lucky bastards. In any case, this is partly an obligation post--after seeing how relatively few entries I have for March herein--though it's also to commemorate the fact that at this time tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be in the same room with one of the only two people on earth that I regard as my hero: Kevin Brownlow. I'm halfway thinking I would love to meet him--just so I could thank him for everything he's done--but I'm sure he gets that a lot, & I also don't want to perpetuate the pushy American stereotype. In any case, I'm also going to see his current restoration of Abel Gance's Napoleon (1927) on Saturday--which is so long that it will be shown with two intermissions and a dinner break!--so I'll be getting a mini-vacation from here, since I'll be staying over on Friday & Saturday. I'm having some social anxiety over it, but if I don't meet anyone to hang out with, I'll just get a book, i.e. my customary retreat from social interaction. I'm also worried about Dad looking after the babies while I'm gone, though I'm going to leave him plenty of notes reminding him to check the girls' water twice a day, etc. Right now I'm going to watch Scott of the Antarctic (again), since it seems that TCM is the only American tv channel that's actually commemorating the Scott centenary today. When I saw the news report on today's National Service of Commemoration, hot tears spilled down my cheeks; I would have loved to have been there, but regardless, it was wonderful to see so many others observing this historic if terribly sad occasion.
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