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Writer's Block

Where in the World...

If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?

Answers (232)

  • I would live in Scotland exactly.
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  •  I would live in San Francisco overlooking the water and I would spend my time with my boys and volunteering at children's hospitals.
  • I've been away from the web for a while. Sometimes life takes so much time :) Every time i return i remember how much i love it here... it's like revisiting favorite vacation destination. I love when i return to a site and find lots of new updates and features and this writers block thing really got me excited so i'm going to use it. I love the town i live in so i would stay put. I would want to get a house about a mile away from where i live now, in a part of town that is a little older and has a lot more character. I wold keep the house we live in now and use it as an office house. I'd love to mess around on the computer all the livelong day, working on design and animation projects all with the intention to make people smile. I'd do things the way i do now and do different types of things, some that might make people happy to look at, others that make people feel loved and of course, things that amuse. I would probably spend a lot of time drawing inside jokes out to the Nth degree. And i would but all the cat toys ever! I hope you are all doing well and look forward to catching up!
  •  I would live in Japan. or S.Korea... hopefully next to or with DBSK ... Well basically I want to live anywhere with DBSK ^^
    I really would... I'd love to be close to them... not in a stalkish way though... because that would be freaky xD 

    I would spent my time with DBSK ^^ 
    Well my life does kind of already revolve around DBSK lol xD 
    I would love to spend my time dorking around with them ^^ 

  • in swiss..my mom always says that she love the place...i will spending my time making everyone happy with my money..in a good way of course...(LAME!!!)
  • I would live in the United Kingdom in a nice little flat. (Think Will in About a Boy) Depending on what I did to be wealthy, I would like to spend my time giving the money back to the world. Becuse no one really needs their own jet plane when kids in Africa have to walk 20 miles just to get an education. And no one really needs four houses when people all over the world are living in alleyways and on the streets. Being wealthy doesn't mean you have to use all your money for yourself.
  • i would live on one of the best cruise ships, in one of the best suites and would spend my time painting and writing and designing and chilling out with friends, bu5t i would also live by the beach or by the river, probably splitting my time between locations and indulging my interest in photography, would probably volunteer at a couple of places so that i didn't get bored. and i would probably be not that happy, just insecure
  • ok, maybe that's a predictable answer from me. but i would. I would spend my time first learning Japanese, because that's pretty essential to enjoying my new life of leisure. and then i would satisfy my cravings for all things japanese: anime, manga, music, movies, food, video games. I would spend my days in Akihabara nerd-ing it up, check out some concerts, eat in noodle shops, watch the crazy kids in Harajuku, master the subway system and explore all the neighborhoods. In the spring i would go see the cherry blossoms bloom. i would visit all the best museums and temples. i would take part in all the holidays and festivals and parades. i would learn to eat with chopsticks and sleep on a futon and make matcha and have a kotatsu. i would eat soba and udon and mochi and tempura and miso soup and green tea allll the time. i would check out kabuki and noh performances. i would see Miyazaki films in theaters when they came out, instead of having to wait years, and go to the Studio Ghibli museum whenever i want. and once I was thoroughly familiar with Tokyo i would travel all over the country to see where else i might like to live. Maybe in Kyoto for a while, or Osaka. I would hit all the major cities. and all of the natural sites like mt fiji. and after that i would spend some time in the countryside and get a feel for that. and then the oceanside. and Japan would be a jumping off point for exploring the rest of Asia. i would go to Beijing and try real chinese food, and then Bangkok for some authentic thai food and some live gamelan, then spend some time in Seoul to get my fill of kpop and dramas, and then on to Hong Kong to absorb all the action and comedy films. If i had to work, I would probably teach english. or even better, history. maybe they have a need for american or european history teachers somewhere in Japan. or, in a parallel universe where i was still a film student, i would work in the japanese film industry and work on kick ass movies a la Kitamura. i guess there would be things i would miss about the states. like my family, obviously. being so far away from them would suck. and american tv and movies, though it's not like i couldn't get them there. i would probably miss american food, but the abundance of tofu, noodles, and pocky would probably console me. really, i think i would adjust pretty well, though there would be some culture shock at first. i would pretty much have to learn a whole new set of manners, and i'm not really good with the ones i have now. so maybe my dream seems to be based on a lot of superficial things. but it's really not just the movies and the food that make me want to go there. the whole culture fascinates me, and i would love to dive in head first and experience it. and, well, i am an nerdy japanophile, i can't deny it. it's a nice daydream, if i were immensely wealthy and had nothing else to do. but maybe someday i'll go there and live a tiny part of my dream. that would be enough. wow, that was longer than i expected. at least it got me out of my roman-history-studying-stupor. where did my weekend go?

  • Uhm...I would still live here in the Philippines...

    I would spend my time, by helping others...

    Sharing my wealth to the needy...

    And i'll spend some money to have fun...Ü
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