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Writer's Block

Celebrity Hits & Misses

Who's your current favorite celebrity? Which celebrity do you never want to see again?

Answers (70)

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  • Current fav (and this should be shocking to none of you) - Josh Holloway. One I could care less whether I ever see again - Angelina Jolie.
  •  Celebrity? Due to the amount of distance I have placed between the real world and myself, I have lost touch with the world of celebrities. Yes, rumors of Britney, Paris, Lindsay and co. reach my ears... weeks later, that is. And I couldn't be anymore happier. ^-^
  • Angelina Jolie. I always thought her very beautiful and haunting (even from FoxFire days). She also seems to genuinely care about people and the world, in a non-perky way. I admired her way before Brad Pitt. Britney Spears. She needs to get her act together and forget about partying before she's never allowed to see her children again. And I agree with the court rulings taking away her custody rights. As D says repeatidly, "Just because you squeeze something out from between your legs, that doesn't make you a mother."
  • Gotta love Questions of the Day. I don't think I have an official 'celebrity' at the moment, though I gotta say the Transformers come pretty close. Bumblebee rocks ;) EDIT: John and Joan Cusack. I have always enjoyed their movies and I really like how John has managed his career. His movies may not always be blockbusters, but his characters are genuine and memorable. Joan I have to admire for narrating one of my kid's favorite shows, Peep and the Big Wide World. We watch it every day and he just loves it to pieces. As for the celeb I never want to see again? That's a toss up between Britney and Paris. I've never been so sick of someone before. Normally I could care less what the celebs are doing, but these two take the cake. Please, please, please get them out of the limelight.
  • Favorites
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Whoopi Goldberg
    • Ellen Degeneres
    • Portia De Rossi
    Least Favorites
    • Amy Whinehouse
    • Pete Doherty
  • Current Favorite: Al Gore Never Again Tie: Britney Spears and Tom Cruise
  • The winner is MR KEEEEEEEENNNNNEDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!........KENEDY! The person to get rid of, beyond a shadow of a doubt Sharon Osbourne must GO!
  • I'd love to see more Christian Bale. and I can stand MUCH less Tom Cruse
  • Can one have a favorite celebrity? I don't know these people. They don't come to my home, make me sandwiches or impress me with their banter. The best ones are dead. Why? Because they're a closed case, a finished story. I know they won't let me down with their next film, their next movie, their DUI charge. They won't get caught berating their 10-year-old on a cellphone or murdering their ex-wife. They won't burn out slowly, erasing the good memories of everything they've done. I've met some pseudo-celebrities, but I don't know them as people. They're as awkward and blotchy and silly as anyone else. So my favorite celebrities? David Hasslehoff's first wife, because she bought me a stuffed animal one Christmas and had lovely freckles and let me do line reads with her while she got her makeup done. Frank Deliah because he had great Easter egg hunts and my first dog was named after him. Jerry Stahl, because he was the funny, bitter one that my parents told me I'd be like if I wanted to be a writer. Or Mae West. Or Hunter S. Thompson. Or Wakko from the Animaniacs, because when we're talking about people that exist only on a page or a screen for me, they might as well be fictional. Who am I sick of? Celebrities who "work" their celebrity. And every single person who thinks that they have a stake in a celebrity's life because they know all the details of it. These are not imaginary characters, there to dance for your amusement. These are genuine human beings who, let's face it, have some sort of sick need for love and attention because they continually need to sacrifice themselves at the altar of publicity.
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