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Meow vs. Arf

Cats or dogs-- which do you prefer, and why?

Answers (451)

  • Dogs, of course! But about 30 years we have cats in our family.
  • cats! Probably because they are less intimidating, less jumpy/hyper, less invasive, less smelly (if you know how to take care of a cat). I don't know. Cats are more cuddly, more independent, more unique. I think I just really don't like it when a dog has the need to sniff/lick me when I walk into the room.
  • Cats - they're not only cuddly, but also independant and clever. My cat, Ella (he's a boy) lets me hug him, but ther's also times where I sit down, and he comes over to me and makes me feel better if i'm not feeling well or I'm sad. Dogs are more slavish dependance- cats are just as loyal as dogs without being so "ill do whatever you want me to". Cats expect something in return - love, affection, maybe a treat and pettings on their terms.

    They're also alot smaller XD They don't drool, their purrs are melodic and soothing, and they sit still in your lap rather than always wanting ot play, though you can get a cat to play, and its hilarious when they do :)
  • Cats.  I know them well enough to have the shy, withdrawn ones come to me.  Meanwhile, I can't always figure-out what kind of bark a dog is barking and have had enough negative experiences to have to take them individually. 
  • I would have to say both actually...  I love cats and dogs.  :-)  They are too cute.  
  • Woof! Dogs all the way!! Hahaha wonderful companions and in so many ways more to love them and prefer them over cats!!
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  • Cats because they truly dgaf.
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