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How many friends do you have?

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  • Мноого же    Lol))))
  • I have a lot of facebook friends, but very few close friends. John (from school) hasn't called or texted me back in months. I know he's dealing w/ some personal stuff, so I'm leaving him alone. But I miss hanging out w/ him. Tried being friends w/ ppl at internship, but it didn't work out. I think one of the women was jealous of my friendship w/ the case manager, and that's why she pulled away and blocked me on FB. (sigh) Angie (friend from school). I spent Xmas and New Year's w/ her and her family. I also was at her daughter's first b-day party last September. :) I love Angie's fam b/c they're a lot like mine. One of her uncles is blind, so they're not weirded out by me. Yay! Angie is a lot of fun to hang out with. We went to dinner at Longhorn's a few weeks ago. Awesome food! We also hung out at a pancake breakfast a couple weeks ago. Her son is a boy scout, and it was a fundraiser for his troop. Good times. :) I also saw Gianna there. She's another friend from school. Lisa is still a good friend. We've been thru a lot together over the years. She's motivated me to keep active in my job search, and to find a pagan group near me. Brandy is my BFF. I know, most ppl think that's weird, considering she's also my ex-wife. We have an awesome time just hanging out--going for walks, watching TV, or going to the library. I miss Brandy when she's not in Berwyn, and I know she missed me when I was in internship land for four months. When Im not w/ my friends, I'm either by myself, or hanging out w/ my dad. I'm always proud to be seen with him. He took me to vote yesterday, and helped me fill out the ballot. And sometimes, when no one is around, I talk to my Grover. He's like a pet, since I can't have pets where I live. I'm always looking to make new friends too.
  • all i can say is alot!
  • how many do you have? huh, thats the question! 
  • 1. My mom. 2. My husband. 3. Olga. 4. Julia. 5. Merlin. ))))
  • I have one best friend, and two friends I'm fairly close to, but I don't hang out with them as much as I hang out with my best friend. There are a bunch of people at work I talk with but they're just work friends.
  • Maybe 2. And I still don't have anyone to tell everything to.
  • lmao this is pretty sad but i'd say like 3 or 4 that are really friends. then everyone else is just an acquaintance. i don't hang out with acquaintances... i don't really hang out with my friends either actually... -hiiriken I'm not really sure... Like I have 4 good friends and there's other people I hang out with, but I don't really know if I'd call them friends or not. They're somewhere b/w acquaintance and friend. So if we don't include them then it's 4 and even including them it's like 6 in all... Is this not a normal number though? Like are there people out there with like 15 friends? '_' I had a hella lot more in high school, but it got annoying, hence the much smaller number now... Although I should really make friends here if I'm gonna be here for a few more years... Making friends is hard v.v Actually making friends probably wouldn't be so hard if finding people I want to be friends with weren't so hard v.v -chibi
  • Depends on how loosely or tight in the usage of the word friend. 
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