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What is the strangest thing someone has confessed to you?

Answers (158)

  • "You look like the kind of person who would blow up a school and get away with it, because you had a perfectly acceptable reason for doing it." -A girl in my Integrated Math class in high school. Uhh... Thanks? *blink*
  • When I was a high school senior, my best friend told me she had come very close to attempting suicide. It was strange in the sense that I'd had no idea - not an inkling - that someone I thought I knew so well was so miserable. I knew she'd been unhappy - divorcing parents, a collapsing family unit, and the typical high school gossip would be enough to drive even the happiest of people to the brink - but not suicidal. I felt disgusted with myself. When had I become so self involved that I hadn't been there for someone so important when she truly needed me? All the signs were there, but I'd overlooked them - sat back and ignored them while she came unglued. It sparked my interest in the field I'm currently in. I love what I do.
  • I was told, in the space of two days, all about two of my friends' masturbation habits. The latter was more informative, I suppose ("when I do it with my left hand, it feels like someone else is doing it!"), but the former far more... interesting. In that he's done it upside-down for the purpose of ejaculating into his own mouth. Although I'm not sure he wanted me to infer that part. :3
  • strangest thing ever?    that someone wondered about someone likes drinking pee!    um         sooo  what?
  • That she had multiple sclerosis. It was weird because matters between her and I are mildly antagonistic so it was effectively the same thing as picking a random person off the street and telling them about your medical condition. Not that I didn't appreciate the random gesture of trust, but it was still the strangest confession I've ever heard.
  • Strangest thing someone has ever confessed to me was that they had an alternate personality... a personality. this person THEN decided to use that moment to start telling themselves to shut up and started smacking their head. they were serious. Still are, to this day. Although funny enough, they don't bring up their 'other' personality unless the focus isn't on them, so yea. I do not believe them at all. I just think they're insane.
  • A girl I once knew told me she had a skin tab removed from her Vagina. Id never herd of such a thing. I hope I didnt make a wierd face when she told me. I dont think I did. Its not gross or anything, just odd I keep wondering what something like that looks like.
  • That he was itching all over
  • My younger brother confessed to me a couple years ago that he was unable to masturbate. I tried to brain bleach myself after that one, but alas, what has been heard cannot be unheard.
  • They like to drink pee. Yuck!
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