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Say What?

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

Answers (227)

  • Are you schizophrenic?
  • Don't know if this would be weirdest questios ever, but here's something I was recently asked. About a year ago, my cricket internet device crapped out on me. At the cricket store, I was asked if I have a dog. I thought it was just some weird blindness-related question, but of course I told the truth and said no. Sales rep: Oh. I was asking you that because there are holes in your internet device. Apparently, these were tiny holes that neither Brandy or myself coud see. I must've given Brandy a look like: "What the hell?" Because Brandy responded with: "No, Colie, I haven't been eating your internet device." Me: I wasn't gonna ask you that. But while we're on the subject, are ya sure? We both laughed. I ended up having to buy a new internet device. And to this day, I have no idea what went wrong w/ the old one. But yeah, that question was just random. And this is from someone who likes asking family and close friends random questions, and is used to their equally random questions being asked of me. Here's a couple random questions I've asked my dad. 1. If Grover (from Sesame Street)_ played for the Chicago Blackhawks, what position would he play and why? Dad's answer: None. He's too soft, he'd keep getting checked into the boards. His fur would fly. 2. Do stamps ever go on sale? I mean, they have sales on everything else, why not stamps? Dad's answer: No, honey. But always buy the forever stamp, because they don't raise the prices on those. Yes, I'm random. lol.
  • Have you ever had sex in PUBLIC? 
  • Haha lmfao
    I reminisced!I FRIKIN REMINISCED!!
    I was once asked by my ex boyfriend (fucking puppy love) who was obviously a perv:-
    "Are you a virgin?"
    I can't remember what happened next;all I remember was my hand slapping and my high-heels kicking him right where it hurt.I hope I got him infertile...^^
    And I still have that pair of prized pink heels;maybe one day I'll visit him and greet him while showing off my karate skills!
  • how much can you spend a month? wow  account
  • On a polygraph test.... "have you ever had sex with animals?"
    i was like waahhhhhh??!!!
  • "Will you throw my bra on stage for me?"
  • Whats the color of your pee mid-flow? :/ and I'm still friends with that person...

  • The weirdest question I have been asked and would pop out from time to time when I am in public is "What tribe do you belong to?"

    SERIOUSLY? At this day and age, this is important? Why is this even important? Why should this matter? Can't we just accept each other as people? What's up with the distinction? Does this make anyone else better than the other?

    None of this has any bearing. Of course we are individuals. We have our own differences. We come from different races and family backgrounds. But tribes? Why? I live in the country that has more than 7,000 islands. I get it. But I fail to see why does this has to be such a big deal? We're all just people. We constantly move around places. I don't mind telling anyone where I was born and what city but being asked to explain my tribe and what tribe do my parents belong to is ridiculous and impertinent.

    And what's up with this made-up tribe about "Balik Islam"? A made-up tribe for Muslim converts. Whut? Some people have invented this tribe because they dunno where to place them? What the heck is that? I have nothing against Muslim converts, okay? My mom's side are converts and NONE, and I mean NONE OF THEM appreciate being categorized in this made-up tribe concocted by some i-dunno-who.

    We're all Muslims here. We're just people. Stop it with the tribes already! Whenever I hear the word tribe, I feel like there's gonna be a war. I mean seriously? Why can't we just accept as to who we are and not isolate people just because they look differently. It's so unfair. We should not even be doing this. It's one thing to respect your lineage and ancestors and family but to rub it in people's faces about which tribe one belongs to? WHAT'S YOUR POINT?

    And to those people who irresponsibly flip out "tribal assignments" to anyone who happens to be wearing a veil or wearing Islamic garb in public...you are not spared! Cut it out already! When people do this, it only magnifies their ignorance. It's ridiculous and irresponsible.

    I'm so annoyed. Argh!

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