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Writer's Block

Hey Hot Stuff!

You look great today! Give yourself a compliment.

Answers (215)

  • my hair looks nice today
  • I have pretty eyes.
  • Me: You might not have bought much makeup today like you were supposed to, but you saved a lot of money and made a damn good deal on what you did buy. You frugal genius you. 

    My friend Ashley: So i look goorgeous as usual im just one of the kinda ppl ya no anywho idk i alway compliment myself sooo today is like no different
  • Your legs and bum looked really nice in those sweatpants today. 
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  • You look way younger than you-know-who,she really should lay off the booze it's very bloating(and wearing those hooker clothes ain't doing that bitch no favors), but you look great! I can't believe you're almost 40! I'd swear you're barely 30!
  • a beautiful girl..haha   wow
  •    I am very intelligent.
  • Why thank you~ I feel fabulous now ;D
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