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Writer's Block

No Laughing Matter

What do you think is too serious to joke about?

Answers (252)

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  •  cancer, STD'S
  • Nothing
  • Killing yourself, I mean it has a limit. I have gone through some personal moments with my family and friends who have thought in this matter and its really nothing to joke about.
  • One thing I would never joke about is a person's death.To me death is a serious matter because my mom and mother figure after my mom's death passed away within the last year and someone took it as a joke and pissed me off.
  •  Honestly, there are a lot of topics that I think are a little much to make fun of, but I'm guilty of laughing at and making jokes about all of them from time to time.  Personally, rape/violence jokes push me over the edge, but since I've experienced this, I find it horrible to crack jokes about it.  To each his own I guess. 
  • Life.

  •  Доверие

  • Uhm... I think its LOVE...
  •  Fucking RAPE that's what!!!

    I think it's disgusting and if people are that desparate for fucking sex they shud go see the "ladys of the night" who are acually willing to have some scabby men's cock up then giving fuck no's what and I think they must know that the risk's involed are high but still they do it.
    Not saying that they are all fucking twats and stuff cuz every one's life is diffrent so ppl go through diffrent thing's in their life so you can never judge someone untill u have been in their shoes,but my point still remain that they are willing as where rape victims are not

    And alsoon the internet when they have like "rape me room's "and bollocks like that!!
    I know it's said to be a human thing that some of us have but I personally think it's just wrong!!

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