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Writer's Block

Sharing is Caring

What do you most hate sharing with other people?

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  • What do you most hate sharing with other people?


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     I don't like sharing my deep thoughts.  If I do it its with ones I truly trust and even then its hard to explain them verbally.
  • What do you most hate sharing with other people?


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  • In all honesty, I hate sharing anything! I am a total and complete miser. I think it's from being broke my whole life. I get little of what I like, and I hate sharing it. I mean don't get me wrong there are a handful of people I would just give things up too, but I don't think the people realize exactly how much I care. Lol. I'm so terrible. But to answer the question I REALLY hate sharing anything that is 'exclusively' mine. Like Sally. I dunno, it's justy so personal, and I hate trusting people, just in case ANYTHING happens.
  • my personal life. i like to keep that on the dl. i like to just be ash when your around. i hate drama but i have unfortunatly fallen victeim to it lately and had a few "moments" with people lately. so some sharing has been taking place sadly. But things are getting better, ill just be miss ash soon again. when it rains, it pours. but in the end there will be sunshine. :]
  •  I am a bit strange really well at least I think I am, I hate too share a mug or cup with anyone not even my kids. I also dislike sharing my hairbrush with anyone besides my husband. I now think that maybe I'm not that strange. they are fairly normal things.
  • my weaknesses
  •  I think what I hate most about sharing with people would be my feelings and my secrets. It's too hard to express my feelings in words and it's hard for people to comprehend my secrets. My actions speak louder then words, so I'm really a more actiony kind of person, and yet I love to write and type, go figure.
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