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Writer's Block

Stolen Goods

What is the most valuable thing you've ever had stolen from you?

Answers (214)

  • My bike, back in Osceola. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • my car, but it came back, a month later it was towed from a reserved parking spot a block a way.
  •  I think I'll start doing these daily.  Forces me to write SOMETHING.  


    I would have to say my trust.  Between being raised my two parents who hated each other (a verbally abusive father and a non-present mother) and being raped in college, I still find myself not trusting my husband in situations where he deserves my trust.  It's caused problems with us that I'm still trying to work through.  Problem is, I feel like I'm doing it alone a lot of the time.  Matthew concentrates on being angry with me for not trusting him over trying to realize WHY I'm the way I am.  

    Eh, we're working on it.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and a solid marriage isn't built in a year. 
  • It was a dark night, pulling up in my grandfathers Lincoln Mark VII. As we pulled into the drive and got out of the car Lucky, the neighbors Dog was barking uncontrollably. As I got out of the car to beat my sister to the back door Shockingly took a gasp and told my dad there was a hold in the window. There was a rock found on the opposite side of the door. My dad told us to stay outside as he approached the door with caution. My mom held my sister and I back so we could not run in and step on  all of the glass that was on the floor.  My dad told us it was ok and my sister and I rushed to our rooms.  All of the lights were on in the house and as I came to my room it looked like a tornado had gone through there.  My matress was up on the bed, my closet was all over my floor and  My Nintendo with every game that I had for it was missing. I was also missing Two knives that I had which were given to my by father for camping trips. All of my fathers guns were stolen with all of the amunition for them. My sisters room was really not messed up. It was pretty much the way  She left it. Our kitchen had been cooked in by the burglers.  They made mac and cheese and left all of the dishes all over the counter  And on the stove. The scariest thing was Lucky, never stopped barking. He was next door  Barking and the Burglers. We had called the cops but it seemed like  The cops took their time getting there. By the time they had gotten  To the residence next door the Burglers were already gone. They had My dad's guns and ammo to be able to shoot us up. Today, DNA could have been used to get off of the dishes to try to put On record in case they already have criminal records. None of the items were recovered and to our knowledge, Neither were the burglers.  
  • time i always waste my time worrying and regretting rather than just living with what i have and what i am to people the things i do. mostly a waste of time. but i keep doing them anyway.
  • My car.. it was old but it had a personality & I loved it... what's even worse is that it was used in a ram raid & then burnt out... I cried & had a wake for her ... poor Betsy!
  • Right. So because I don't have anything of importance to write, or anything I have enough patience to spend writing I've decided to try another writer's block so my journal doesn't look all sad and dusty.

    Anyway- on to the block!

    Way back in the days of pre-school, I brought this super awesome Polly Pocket set to day care with me. I had just gotten it for Christmas. It was this neighborhood type thing, with this huge pond in the middle. The best part of it though, was the fact that everything was magnetic. -oooh ahhh- The little pollys all had magnet in their bases, and when you'd flick this switch on the side of the set, they all started moving around. To me, this was the coolest thing since pie.
    So, not only was I the girl with the awesome pollys, I was also the girl who was very trusting. Too trusting. One of the other girls asked if she could borrow it, and, being the type of child who was told to always share with others, I said "Yeah, sure, have fun!"

    The girl moved away with my polly pocket set about a week or so later. ;_;

    Ironically though, I still have the Polly with the magnetic base floating around my house somewhere. Some good she does me now, huh?
  •  My iPod Video! It's really the only thing I've had stolen from me that I can recall. I got it  september before last on my 16th birthday instead of car cause, duh, I don't drive. It was niiiicceee and shiny and black and the most GB that were available at that point. 

    So mom was giving me a ride to work (back way when I was working at Torrid) which means it was probably around 6:00 and dark (it does make me wonder why the hell they worked a 16 year old at night... but then again, I was at school otherwise). I get into work and i guess like 4 hours go by, work is done, finished swiffering that god forsaken place and dad comes to pick me up. I'm all "where mommy be at?" and it turns out mom broke down immediately after dropping me off. So the car is in the shop, and my iPod is in the glove compartment. uh huh. Of course, the iPod was no more. 

    Anyway when dad found out he shit a brick and punished the auto place profusely - you see, he was their accountant. Their poor owner was running around trying to get someone to turn my iPod in but no one fessed up. I think dad pretty much punished them for the whole following year. How he did I don't know, but in a very subtle cutting way I'm sure. He's just like that.
  • I have been fortunate that I've not had anything stolen from me, but I'm always paranoid that I will.  I've had a cell phone stolen, but the company replaced it.  I've had some tapes, books and CDs stolen, but they were easily replaced.  Now I need to go find some wood to knock on REALLY HARD.
  • When I was in about 1st or 2nd grade, my babysitter/neighbor/friend gave me a book since I was doing so well with reading.  It was a first edition Alice in Wonderland.  Yeah, I didn't know that at the time and took it to school.  I never saw it again.
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