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Writer's Block

Two Tickets to Paradise

If you won two free round-trip plane tickets anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you bring?

Answers (224)

  • Новая Зеландия, Шураса и Асю
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  • New York, Equus with Maru-chan. We'd have several fangasms to naked DanRad and then we would party like we just con't care 8D
  • Hitman here, I think I would go to Australia I always wants to see a Kangaroo in person, Italy or Egypt. I don't know who I would take. I think I might take someone I would be trying to impress or if I was dating someone or even someone to likes to keeps secrets about camping trips lol. Hitman out
  • Wow - if I won two tickets to anywhere, I would probably go on African and European guided tours.  I would take the guy I'm dating. I don't like traveling with female friends. It's not like we can sleep together or kiss on the plane. lol So I'd definitely choose the guy I'm dating at the time to come along and enjoy the experience with me.
  • Omg, please don't get my hopes up. xD

    Buuut, of course I would go to Japan. And it would be a hard decision between my mom and my best friend, Lacy. I mean, of course my mom comes first, but, I can't imagine going to Japan wihtout Lacy. I'll just stuff her in a duffle bag complete with food and water and hope no one notices.

    And why am I answering these "Writer's Blocks" all of a sudden? 0.0
  • Интересно... Много разных мест... Так как отдыхать я разучился, то отдал бы билеты своим девочкам
  • а я бы в Мексику рванула с ЛЮБИМЫМ Фаскиным, там столько всего интересного :)
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