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Writer's Block

If at first you don't succeed...

What have you tried in life that you just weren't very good at?

Answers (224)

  • Marriage. 3 failed, long-term relationships, 2 of them legal marriages.  And I'm not really sure why....
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  • everything
  • ugh......cooking lol ^-^

  •  Jesus, the worst thing I ever did was take up guitar!!! I looked like such a numpty!!! I persisted at it, bought books, and tried as hard as I could. But alas it was not to be!, I did my best, but it was crappy! So I sold my guitar to a friend, and she is enjoying it way more than me!
  • I've tried a lot of things. Dancing is one of the things I'm not good at. I'm really bad at it. Although I'm trying my best to get noticed, in the end, I would just embarrass myself.
  •  Painting.  I just can't seem to think in two dimensions.  Either that or when it comes to painting I am too much of a perfectionist.
  • Sports, I have always sucked at just about any sport I've tried, and I've tried quite a few.
  • Speaking in public. I can write well and make wonderful speeches and essays. But when it comes to delivering them in public, I start to panic. My throat closes up, I talk too fast, my heart's thumping so fast I feel it's going to burst out of my chest, and there's also the fact that when I mess up my classmates laugh at me!
  • I absolutely love to draw and I suck at it really hard.  I used to be good and I just have lost practice. 

    I tried rollerblading once because my friends all liked to go out in the spring and summer and I tanked at it.  My rollerblades are in the garage and I've never worn them for more than a few hours.  I should try it again and see if I get better.  I've never been any good at rollerskating either.

    I've always wanted to play the guitar, but I think I'd suck at that, too.
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