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Happy Birthday George Washington!

Quick, tell the truth about something!

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  • Graduating college is so scary! However, the way I deal with anxiety is put off the feelings as long as I can and just plan for what comes after... =]=]
  • the featured livejournal communities on this site suck ass
  • I Do Have a Girlfriend
  • I'm pretty bored right now so here's 10: 1. I usually lose interest in people/friends within a year. I'm pretty much down to 3.5 friends I still enjoy hanging out with. 2. The thought of working a 9-5 job 5 days a week for the next 30-40 years terrifies me... 3. I don't miss people, I miss some interactions with people, but rarely the people themselves... I don't think that's weird or anything but some people seem hurt when I say I don't miss them '_' 4. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 things I should go see a doctor about but I'm one of those "I'll be fine with time" people. 5. Before the age of about 11 I was a total wuss about roller coasters and fair rides even though I'd never ridden any, then I convinced myself it was impossible for me to ever die on one. Now I can go on any ride without a shred of fear. 6. I cry really easily. 7. I saw Pet Cemetery when I was about 5 years old. There was a scene where an old guy was standing barefoot next to his bed and a little kid hiding under the bed basically started sawing his foot off. I still feel uncomfortable standing too close to any bed barefoot. Even with shoes on I feel a little uneasy. 8. I'm kind of afraid of animals. It's had to trust a living creature with inferior rationalizing abilities. 9. I really hate it when people ask me questions like "what's up?" and "so how's life?". I'm very private about everything. Even school or basic family stuff or even the simplest feelings/emotions. 10. I hate when I show I'm genuinely angry or sad about something, it feels like a weakness. 11. I know i said 10 but whatever here's one more: I'm a bit of a sadist. I don't laugh at what people say that often unless it's really funny or I like them as people. Sometimes I don't laugh or show no reaction just to make people feel awkward or like they failed a little. I don'y really take joy from winning (unless there's a prize involved) but more from knowing someone lost against me... This turned out pretty long... I should probably start those projects I've been putting off v.v -hiiriken That really was long hiiriken '_' Besides saying me too to hiiriken's 2 and 10, here's my own list: 1. I love everything my grandma cooks except her fried chicken and enchiladas because I've only ever liked my sister's friend chicken and my mom's enchiladas and that's not changing ever. I still eat it though... I just don't comment on it. 2. I miss having a pet a ridiculous amount. Like at this point I don't care if it's a cat or dog, I just need a pet. 3. I'm supposed to be studying for anatomy/physiology, but taking 7 classes is burning me out and I'm having a rebellious moment. 4. I don't like sleeping in complete darkness alone. Doesn't bug me at all if someone else is in the room with me, but if I'm by myself I get paranoid and start thinking I see figures in the dark so I sleep with a nightlight if I'm by myself. 5. I have an obsession with keeping my hands clean and soft. I don't go anywhere without hand sanitizer and lotion. 6. I'm basically physically incapable of being impolite v.v People often mistake my politeness for being nice and/or me liking them. Is politeness so abnormal that people can't tell the difference between being polite to, being nice to, and liking someone? That's all I can think of. I'm not super secretive and I don't really lie so there's not that much to say... -chibi
  • I lost my virginity to a prostitute when I was 22 because I had no confidence with women. And a decade later ... I still don't. :(
  • I LIKE YAOI! XD It's a truth isn't it? ;P

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  • I lie when I say I rather be bored than have an interesting life. I want it to be interesting, but I don't have the need or want to do anything 'exciting'. I just say it so because it shuts people up when they try to force me into things.
  • The shirts my bf leave over my place I sometimes wear just to be close to him when he is not around.
  • I posted before about how the song Don't Know Why by Nora Jones is such a huge trigger for me with my mother's death. It the was first song I heard after the very last time I talked to her. I don't know why, but it made me want to burst into tears then, and nothing was even wrong. My mother hadn't yet had her heart attack, and there was no reason to believe anything bad would happen, but it was like I somehow knew. This encompassing sense of dread and sadness seemed to sweep over me when I heard that song that day. Any time I've heard that song since, it seems to put me right back there in that moment. I've grown to hate hearing the opening notes of it come on the radio, but I never turn it off, and I don't know why. (I keep saying that a lot in this post.) Even though I've grown to dislike it (I still don't flatout hate it), it makes me feel a connection to my mum, I guess. Even though the memories are sad, it does remind me of her, of the very last time I spoke to her. I'm the type of person that will hold on to things, because of the memories they hold for me, so maybe that's a part of the reason. I like the nostalgia, as sad as it may be. Ever since that day, that song has never failed to make me so incredibly sad. At first, it made me want to burst into tears every time I heard it, and oftentimes I did. Lately, it's brought about this general feeling of sadness and loss, so I could tell I was moving forward. It didn't make me want to burst into tears anymore, so that was something. I was making progress. I just didn't realize just how much. As I was driving home from work last night, that song came on the radio. I'd had a really good night at work, and I thought, "Oh great, it's that song." Nothing like a song that depresses me to ruin a perfectly good day. Again, I didn't turn it off, because sometimes it feels like I can't. Like I'd be forgetting her if I did. I know I wouldn't, but that's sometimes how I feel. That's why I like to hold on to certain things that I really don't need anymore - because they help me remember, even though I know I'd remember perfectly fine without them. So I sat there in my car and listened to it as I was driving down the road, and for the first time, I didn't feel sad. At all. Rather, this amazing sense of peace swept over me that I didn't even know I could feel in relation to that song, or my mother's death. And if I'm honest, I think there was a little bit of happiness in there as well. It was an amazing feeling. Two years and eight months on from losing her (god, has it been that long?), I actually felt something other than excruciating sadness. When the hell did that happen? When I think about where I was emotionally at this time last year, it's like night and day. I'm at a place that I never thought I'd see again. I really am healing, and it happened when I wasn't even looking <3 And I don't know why I answered this question with that. It was just the first thing that came to my mind.
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