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Back to the Future

Given the choice of time travel, would you go back in time or forward?

Answers (318)

  • Go to the future. So many great things ahead, my mind can not even conceive it all! But alas, there are no shortcuts to heaven. We have to walk faithfully through every day until that day.
  • I would totally go back in time! I would like to live like the hunter and gatherers... not gonna lie =] life was so much more simple, though just as difficult...
  • I'd go back to the 70s I don't really know why just seems like the era I should have been born into rather than the 90s, it's probably because I loved the music at the time and I've watched too much 'Life On Mars'. I wouldn't go forward, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise :)
  • My friend Ashley: If i Ashley could time travel i dun dun dun would go back in history like totallly why would this sexy girl. want to see the end world ya no what im saying like omg my  nails and hair get ruined and what about makeup what if they run out. I wuld go back to late 50's maybe even 60's so i culd go to woodstock like it was the biggest moment in history like who nos i culd grandchildren right from that night at woodstock amen.

    Me: I'd like to hijack the TARDIS for complete personal use but since that's not an option... I'd go to the past because the future would probably make me sad. Nah, I just wanna go back to see if there are any hobbits or dragons. It'd make me a happy gopher. 
  • if I had the chance to time travel, I would most definately go backwards because I am honestly scared of what the future holds. I would travel to the 1930's and hang out with my great grama in her prime! I'd travel to the 70's and hang out with my parents as teenagers. I'd travel to a time when life was much easier as a child and my family was all together. For these reasons and many more, I would travel back in time because it looks a lot more positive the present and the future.
  • So I know I answered this question already, but now I have an even better idea than anything I mentioned in that entry. I've got way too many creative vortexes to ever hope of getting rid of them and thus finally becoming able to focus on anything at all for more than 20 seconds, right? Well, wouldn't it be cool if, just before my second year of college starts, if I'm not done with my creative vortexes by then (which will probably be the case), I could time-travel back and forth between different points in the summer to get the rest done? Here's an approximation of how it'd work: I go through my first day of classes that year as normal, do any homework I have, then go back in time to the first night of the summer and start working on creative vortexes some more (going forwards in time to the next night just before morning as needed) until I'm actually tired, then go forwards in time to where I left off in college and go to bed. Then I'd just repeat this process until I run out of days of summer to repeat, then I'd start going back in time again to replace each of my solo time-travelling all-nighters (in order, one by one) with team efforts by two future Matts. If I don't finish that way, I'll go back again to add another Matt to the team, and so on until I finally finish. (It'd be a bit like the game Cursor × 10.) Once I finish, I'd go back and continue college as normal (except with much more ability to focus). How neat would that be?!
  • I would go back. Visit my childhood. I would love to see my grandparents again.
  • I would definatly go back in time. I dont really want to see my future the chance of finding out bad news scares me. Anyway I would choose to go back in time revisit some points in my life possibly change some decisions if possible. If that wasent an option than I like to learn from and outsiders point of view about myself so that I can take the knowlege with me to the present so that I can better my self. Either way I just want to make my current life better or easier.
  • I would be so tempted to go back to certain events but i think i would end up going to the future, too curious!
  • Go back, without hesitation. Just to prevent at my younger me with some advises lol. And then go back again to live my favorite historical age, hehe.
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