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Writer's Block

Good Catch

Do you have a "catch phrase" for which you are known?

Answers (234)

  • My 18 year old daughter, Ruth and I have a catch phrase we use on each other. We got it from a movie and find it very useful... "Of course, I would never say this about myself, but other people do tell me that I____________(fill in the blank with something you want to brag about yourself).
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  • Well actually yes.  I shout "Richard's!"  and Hannah replys "Crotch!".  Another is "Kev's!" "Glowing!" "Crotch!" "Of!" "Doom!"

    Feel free to question our sanity.  The Richard in question is Richard Jones, bassist of The Feeling and Kev is Kevin Jeremiah, guitarist of The Feeling.

    In case you didn't guess, we went to see them (best night EVER) and this was just a small part of the aftermath.

    I also say "Kachow" a lot courtesy of Cars (the awesome movie).
  • Well, I say 'y'know', 'fricken awesome', 'anyways', and 'oh my gosh' a lot hehe^^ 

  • Yes. Ha ha. I do sorta...I say "Mew!" alot...Hee hee...Like the Pokemon Mew...or like a little kitty...but other then that...I don't think I really have other catch phrases...You know, my catch phrase is like Misuzu from the Anime "AIR". Her catch phrase is the Japanese onomatopoeia of a dinosaur! "Gao.." Hee hee, I think ish cute. :3 Yesh...RAWR! My luff likes to say "Rawr". One of my best friends, Amzie, one of her catch phrases would be "I feel accomplished!" or "Shut up, for I am beautiful!" *Flips Hair in a Girly Manner* She also likes to bragg how she has big boobs O__o;....XD Oh! Also another catch phrase of mine ish "Mother Duck!" Don't....ask...XD...Ummm...Also "Fucktard", I say that a lot...
  • saying "Fucking cool!" about 45 kerjillion times a day.
  • I really don't have a catch phrase.  I say "I know, right?" a lot and I say "It's all good." all the time, but there's really no phrase I use that no one else does.  I guess I could try and make one sometime... 
  •  "So you would asume..." I use that everywhere. It's sponed many jokes around me. Aside from that, I just qote other people and shows when it fits. 
  •  Dont really have a catchprase (that i know of) but i tend to say Aye a lot (when roleplaying - Even when as a none dwarf) and also use the word awesome way too much.
    //Edit - Ive noticed i say 'Fair Enough' A lot D:

    Its a lot easier for me to list Normas

  •  Back in high school it used to be "Nevermind......"
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