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Tell us your weirdest dream.

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  • I had to thumb through my dream journals for this and even then I could not pick a proper dream that might qualify as the weirdest because they're all weird. So I thought about different categories: Most vivid? Most fun? Most impressionable? 

    In the end I decided to pick one of my more recent lucid dreams. I've had plenty of flying dreams, yes, but most of them the idea of flying seems normal to me. This time with that particular lucid dream, I had a ton of fun. I started doing my dream checks, which is something you do to make sure it's a dream and also, for me at least, maintain lucidity. I can make another post about lucid dreaming, because it's something I absolutely love to do, but in this particular dream - At one point I appeared in this empty room and something TOLD me I was in a dream. I was like, really? I started jumping, finding that I bounce higher and higher, and I could fly back and forth. I started calling people. I called this random person from my past - oh, by calling, I mean, telling them to appear - and when they appeared, they were telling me that I had to go to where I was supposed to go and that I was too young for them (seriously? He is one year older than me!) and I think that point would have been a perfect time for me to do a couple of dream checks.

    I fell back into the dream pattern, it seems, after that because I had another sequence of dream concerning gangsters and at the time I did feel rather scared. I had forgotten that it was a dream because my sequence and the characters were too enticing!

    So there, it may not be the most interesting dream or weirdest dream, but I found it to be rather fun because I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming for a good period of time now. Fun and games, really.
  • I go gravestone shopping with my family, and when we return to my grandmother's, there is a gigantic haddock on her table, fin hanging over one end, head barely kept up on the other, only the barest edges of wood visible on either side. Very odd indeed.
  • Last month, I had a bizzare, but hysterical dream. As people on here know, I am a huge fan of the theater. I mainly go to my local theater, 1st Stage, but in the past year, I have enjoyed going to see shows in Washington, DC. Usually, it has just been Bill and I, but in October, I went with a friend of his, along with himself and me, to see Othello at the Folger Shakespeare Theater. Alright, so here's the dream..... I had a dream where everyone that I knew, plus all the people that my friends knew, all decided to go to see a show in DC. I don't remember which theater it was or what show we were planning on seeing. The weird thing was that everyone seemed to have everyone else's phone number. Stupidly, we forgot to tell everyone that we were going to be buying our tickets at the same time, so that we would be near each other. Well, we showed up in random groups. When we realized that no one was really sitting near each other, we all started texting each other to see where we were sitting. It got real chaotic since everyone kept changing seats. It got so chaotic that it actually became funny.
  • Most recent weirdest dream? Had to be the one where I dreamed I was using crutches because my right leg was my bum leg and I was getting around places despite that. Kinda cool, because the place I was in was a little steampunk like and I was helping to design the railroad system.

    So what makes it strange?

    That morning when I woke up, my right leg was extremely sore, it felt like I had pulled/bruised a muscle the day before in my thigh. So I was limping around all day, thinking about those crutches and how nice it would be to have just one of them.
  • I was a cape.

    Really. As in, the cloth thing that goes over peoples' shoulders. I was black and velvet and a cape. And someone dumped me in a closet, and then I put on shoes and walked out on my own two feet (wtf?). Oooh, symbolism.

    And then I was in a basketball court rehersing for something bollywood with all these dancing/singing people and I was supposed to be all synchronised with them but I had no idea how to dance or what the song was and the words were all in chinese and we were singing in english and I was even confused in the dream, that's how confusing it all was.

    :/ yeah.

    Or one time I was running away from evil cyborg alien king Siddartha Guatama.

    Or one time there was Devadatta and me and these giant snowmen made of tissues and we were all hanging out reading manga.
    I think this was also the time I was Kanda Yu for a while.

    Or the time I was on a zipline through a forest that was full of statues and then it all turned into a mall and now that I think about it my head hurts because the geometry was wrong but it didn't matter then because, hey, dreams.

    And one of my favourites was the time I was a pirate in a flying tall ship over the SF bay and then my then-BF was there and she was a pirate too on another ship and we were fighting and then we recognised eachother and it was all like *brofist*

    Yup. I have friends at my school who talk about drinking and weed and how much fun they are, but I just don't get it. Why bother with all of that stuff when you could be so totally busted and screw yourself up and mess other people up and whatever else unplesant, when your own head is weird enough on it's own? :D
  • Not really weird... but I have the most mundane dreams ever. Like, I've had a dream that I was sitting at my macbook pro, like I do almost every day. And picking a song to play in iTunes. That's it. That's the dream. I've had ones like that multiple times. :/

  • I think the reason why I had this dream recently was due to two reasons:
    1. I was editing the fourth chapter of What a Croc.
    2. I've been a bit psyched since watching the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance trailer.

    But onto the dream, ja?

    So... in this dream of mine, I somehow managed to talk Xigbar into helping me pull these utterly ridiculous and lame pranks on Gurimo and it wasn't until we were planning our fourth prank when Xaldin comes skipping (yes, skipping!) along and asks us what we're up to in this child-like tone.  When we tell him what it is we're doing he just gives us this blank stare and says: "Ooh, yous gonna be in troubles for pranking da Superior!"

    (... How come Xaldin is acting like a five year-old...?)

    (And when did Gurimo become the leader of Organization XIII?  ... WHEN?)

    (*ahem* Anyway.)

    Xigbar just stares at Xaldin (I can't help but wonder if it's because of the way Xaldin's talking/acting or if it's because he said that Gurimo was the leader... hmm... it's probably both) until I finally got bored and end up walking away.  During this length of time I'm not quite sure what happened next; however, I think I bumped into Axel because I remember him ushering me into the kitchen to watch Marluxia strangle Gurimo for stealing his [pink] hair dye.
  • The weirdest dream I ever had was when I dreamed the Straw Hat Pirates as animal people, like the ones in the manga,+Anima. Anywho, Nami was a fox, Sanji had white wings (I forgot what I made him), Zoro was a cat, Luffy was a dog, Ussop was a squirrel and Robin was a spider. Brook, Franky and Chopper were all humans, except Chopper liked to pretend he was a reindeer. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking when I had this in mind.
  • Well, I have this one dream i can't forget and I dreamt of it not only once. It was in our old village and I was running away from our home crying. I was wearing a white sun dress. Then when I finally stumble and fall to my feet, still crying, a man was suddenly reaching out his hand to me. The man is also wearing white but I can't see his face because it was covered with his own shadow. I know the dream is unfinished. I did not know if I reached out to his hand or whatever. It was weird because I was so curious about its implication to reality and the identity of the man. haha =D ~well the title "Nopperabo" is a japanese term for a creature without a face. And I just missed the manga about it way back my highschool days included on the "Questor" magazine, so i thought of using it here.
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