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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Answers (417)

  • yea,but the tricky part is you only get 1 of those in life
  • at first sight - no,I am part of global love,get lifefrom.At first sight - illness
  • Not really :)) because I believe in love at second sight :D haha ... 

    At my first sight, I was still observing ^_^
  • Absolutely not. To think otherwise is absurdly naive or perhaps just a failure to grasp what love is. 

    Love is not just getting butterflies, missing someone when they're away, thinking about them all the time, doing nice things for them, smiling until your cheeks hurt and wanting to spend your life with them. Yes, all those things are a part of love and all those things can happen very, very quickly. Love is so, so much more than that though. 

    How would you feel if they got horrible diarrhea in your bathroom? Told you the worst thing they've ever done (and had it be genuinely bad?) Will your feelings be the same if they're gone for a significant period of time? Would you give them access to your checking account and take out a joint credit card with them? Do you trust them enough to take out a life insurance policy with them as the sole benefactor and then let them have medical power of attorney over you? What if they have to live in a place you hate? Do you trust them with all your secrets? Your inner thoughts? Do you trust and respect them enough to not fake an orgasm? Would you let them know if you had hemorrhoids? Would you give them a kidney right now if they needed it? Are you sure you want this person to have 50% input in the raising of your future children? Are you going to stay with them if they can't have children? What about if they become disabled and need you to care for them? Are you willing to stick around through the rough years when the idea of something else seems more appealing? What are their answers to all these questions concerning you? Is it wise to fall for this person? Because yes, that matters. And, no, this is not an all inclusive list. 

    I feel so lucky to have found love. =)
  • No. I'm one of those that thinks it's really just lust... though Himchan's psychotic looks during "Warrior" performances came pretty close... >_> -hiiriken Nope. I'm with hiiriken: it's lust. I'm also with hiiriken about Himchan's psychotic looks *_* ...Does anybody really believe in that though? O.o Like for serious? If they do, I'd like to meet them to laugh at them... -chibi
  • nope! Love is something that takes time to grow...
  • No, I believe in lust at first sight. Physical beauty or attractiveness allows people to become intrigued by someone's presence, but after getting to know that person it could either fade quickly or become enhanced. Beauty is from within, so getting to know that person through conversation and interaction in public places really brings for me if I'm right for him and if he's right for me.
  • Nope! I believe in attraction at first sight which can turn into love. Well, that's with unrelated ppl especially. I do think that when family sees a new baby for the first time, it is love automatically. Not romantically, though. Attraction is different from love.
  • I do
  • I don't believe in love at first sight. I think that love develops through talk. You can't love someone until you get to know them. For example: When I first met my boyfriend, I thought he was weird, but good-looking. As I got to know him, I realized that there is so much more beneath the cocky attitude he puts up. It was all those things that I couldn't see when I first met him that made me fall in love with him. So, no, I don't believe in love at first sight. I believe in real love.

    Signing off,
    Samantha L. Plowden
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