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Is a lie by omission truly a lie?

Answers (190)

  • To the liar, yes. To the person being lied to, no. The liar intends to lie. Therefore, even though it is not a 'whole' lie, it is partly a lie due to the intention of keeping something hidden. The person being 'lied' to cannot say that he/she has been victimized simply because the 'lie' is not spoken. The lie does not exist physically, but in essence, it is still there.
  • Nope. It's just keeping something from someone. 
    The person in the dark feels like they have been lied to when they find out, so they call it a lie.
    The intention is still for the other person not to know the truth of something. 
  • Yes, a lit by omission is truly a lie. If you are omitting something, it is because you have something to hide from someone.
  • I don't think so.
  • Yes, a falsehood is still implied.
  • Yes. At least I think so. 

    At the very least its keeping a secret. I mean if its something you know you should mention, but you're not, its because you have something to gain by omitting it. Or something to lose if you do tell. It's really self-serving. 
  • "A lie is a lie, unless your friends and family are in on it. Then it's a commonly held belief." - Christopher Titus
  • No. There is no such thing as a lie by omission. A lie is an active thing, one cannot lie without saying something.
  • I'm not going to answer that.
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