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Doppelganger Week

Who is your look-alike?

Answers (270)

  • My look alike...
    Just about any girl or woman you'd see in an old Indian picure lol
  • my sister always said i looked exactly like daria if i wore a green jacket and wore black boots.

    so i guess my doppelganger is a cartoon character. great.

    (and i'm a lot like her too fuck)
  • Of course two of my siblings look like me. Both of them are older but the one I look like mostly is my 24 year old sister (who is closer to my age).
  • Everyone says I look like Audrey Tautou, especially when my hair is short.  Audrey Tautou Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Apparently, Angie Harmon. Apparently, the chick with the curly hair from Roseanne. Apparently, Jill Hennessey. Apparently, a younger version of some older politician chick whose name escapes me. Apparently, a Russian chick. Russians often come up to me and ask me if (sometimes insist)  I'm Russian. Sometimes they even start speaking Russian.
  • My sister is my look-alike, obviously. That's what a twin is - a look-alike and a built-in best friend. I can't imagine not being a twin. That chick from The Vampire Diaries kinda looks like us too.
  • I've had people say Stevie Nicks. I wish. I look nothing like her, although I did have her hair for awhile. Mostly, people have said Nancy Wilson from Heart, or Rick Savage. In high school, I really could have passed for him. LOL I think Nancy is sometimes a good call. Wish I had her talent though.
  • Someone claimed it was Mary Steenburgen, especially in the '70's. (see Yentl).
  • Bahaha so today I go into Huntington bank to take out $5 from my savings, and the lady looks at me and says "Jennifer?" and I smile and say no. Then a minute later she looks at me and says "jessica?" and I still say no. And when we get up to the counter she tells me that a young lady was just in the other day wanting to open an acct and she said she looked just like me. Wooho I have a doppleganger :)
  • Taller, darker, Mexican version of Veronica Mars. Ha forgot her name...
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