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Writer's Block

Eliot Spitzer's Resignation

Do you think that Gov. Eliot Spitzer did the right thing by resigning his post due to his involvement with a prostitution ring?

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  • You know, I really don't see what the big deal is.  He hired a hooker and they had sex.  With a hooker, there's no expectations, no miscommunications... it's you and them and sex.  Money changes hands and that's that.  It's harmless as long as the people involved are consenting adults.

    Where I have a problem is when girls are kidnapped or sold into prostitution.  THAT'S where I start having issues.  However, the way things are run at the Bunny Ranch in Vegas is the way to go.  All the women have health coverage and are required to be clean and healthy.  They are an escourt service first and foremost and if they decide to have sexual encounters, that's all good, too.  The women are in good health, good condition, and have good living conditions. 

    I think it's just that women are pissed off that some hooker is taking men away from them when it's that same attitiude that leads to men dating hookers instead.  Hookers know they're only there for friends with benefits and are getting paid to provide a service and there are no strings.  Maybe more women need to chill the hell out and realize that the hookers aren't taking men from them, they're providing a service.

    Then again, a lot of women get pissed when their man goes to the bar on Friday nights, so I suppose it's the same thing.  e.e 
  • Well it's hard to say I mean, we all make mistakes. Plus, the new governor is legally blind, that can't go over so well. There's always gonna be a scandal but he did a lot of good as well.
  • NO! If you motherfuckers weren't so damned Puritanical in thinking that everything doing with sex was wrong, we wouldn't have people DYING OF STDs from prostitution. There could be BROTHELS where the whores were TAKEN CARE OF instead of it being something dirty. Humans are animals. Humans enjoy sex (except for those who don't deal with sexual abuse and those who are asexual). Animals are driven to procreate. Procreation for humans is sex. Sex is pleasurable. Pleasure is good for you. Sex, when done in a healthy manner, is not something to be hidden and spoken of in hushed terms like "down there" and "in the bedroom". FUCK ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER SOMETIME! IT WILL DO YOU GOOD! *coughs* Sorry, tangent. So the man hired a hooker. At least he knew what to expect from her. Sex when he wanted it, money for said services, a date when he needed company without the daily nagging of a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband. Now if he was married or in a relationship, which I don't know if he was, and his wife/SO was not aware, that's cheating and cheating is bad. However, it's not for the country to butt their damned noses in and fucking shake a finger in his face and say "SHAME ON YOU FOR HAVING SEX! YOU SO BAD!" I say ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME, GOVERNOR SPITZER! The problem isn't with the prostitution, it's with you lame fucking housewives sitting back and saying the whores are taking away available and desirable men from YOU who sit on your fucking couch eating bon bons and sympathizing with Sally Jesse Raphael about how terrible it is that these whores are taking away your men. Get a clue. They fuck us. They love you. Love and sex are NOT the same. If it was, I'd either be in love with half the city or would have broken all their hearts when I didn't CARE. Get informed, you dizzy bints, before you start shooting your mouths off.
  • Yes, of course. Not only because he's a philandering bastard, but also because he is a hypocritical moron. He pushed legislature that would be harsher on prostitution. Then he goes and does a woman who's $5,500 an hour? If not for moral reason, he should've resigned because he's an unprofessional idiot. I hate that liberals are saying that this is a "personal matter". Maybe it is but he holds (held) a public office. There is no "privacy".
  • Нас с детства пугали общественным порицаением за плохое поведение, потом мы узнали слово "мораль", а теперь мы фактически ее (морали) рабы. Мало кто готов просто наплевать на всю эту чушь, потвердив тем самым свою независимость. Я, признаться, тоже слишком законопослушна и вообще-то обламываюсь от этого немного. Но как бы то ни было, я мало задумываюсь о том, что подумают обо мне люди. Что закономерно, ибо я никто и поддерживать свою репутацию мне нет необходимости.
    Спитцеру было что терять. Но, в конце концов, он чертов демократ! и своей отставкой он подписался под тем, что общество определяет жизнь индивидуума. То есть у человека что, нет больше прав трахаться, с кем ему хочется? Весь Нью-Йорк преполошился: "Ах, как же так, так он губернатор! да как он мог? а как же семья?! дети?!..." Лицемерные сволочи! Какого хрена? А может у него такие же проблемы в семье, как и у того толстячка, за барной стойкой жрущего гамбургер? Мужик просто испугался общественного напора. В нас силен этот страх перед злобными винящими глазами бабушек с лавочки у подъезда. 
    В его праве, думаю, было сказать что-то вроде "а пошли вы к черту! с кем хочу, с тем и буду заниматься сексом", а не оправдываться, просить прощения у всего благочестивого Нью-Йорка. Тем более ему уже на тот момент нечего было терять. Он все уже потерял - законы морали таковы, что занимать свой пост далее ему было соверешеннейшим образом невозможно...

  • Hell yes! I was shocked when I found out what he did. I feel sorry for his children.
  • Ok, wat he did was wrong, immoral more than anything else. The only reason I think he did the right thing resigning was because this is going to cause so muvh family relationship issues. He should focus solely on those first before focusing on career things. I don't look down on him as many people unfortunaltey succumb to temptation, he just happen to have it publicuzed all over the country. I wish him and his family luck because they are headed down a rocky road
  • Does it really matter that he was involved in a prostitution ring? Sure it's illegal, but does that decide his competency for his job? Did being involved with it hurt his ability to get work done? Broadcasting it everywhere doesn't help him either. How is the man going to get a job now, with his name smeared all over? No one will want to hire someone involved in such a thing. 'Sorry, Sir. We don't hire pimps.' (Wait, was he the pimp, the prostitute or the customer?) His life will be hard from now on- though I don't deny it was his choice to get involved... It's good that he took resplosability for his actions and resigned is posistion as Governor, but did we have to tell everyone? Set up a quiet meeting. Be civilized. Don't play with your food before you kill it.

  • Well, on one hand he betrayed the public's trust by committing a crime but on the other hand what business does the public have knowing about his sex life?  It's quite tricky.  I mean, I remember hearing about this one official who got sent to jail for drugs and then after prison got reelected to his post, so I guess it's all about how much you let a scandal effect you.  Spitzer is obviously sorry and embarassed now because otherwise he wouldn't be resigning.  He probably doesn't feel like he can face the rest of 'em at the office now, but he's also a known man now - with a scandal all over the news, so maybe he should've just stuck it out, weathered the scandal, made it up to the people that count (i.e. his wife and family if he has one) and moved on with life.
    So my answer is... it could go either way.

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