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Dress up your Pet Day

Post a photo of your pet in costume.

Answers (117)

  • Your cat hates you.

  • This is my dog and the Blue Wig of Shame.

    Oh, driving to high school with my sister and her friend =P
  • Кот в пальто!
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  • Alrighty then, so this isn't MY pet, but it's my uncle's, so that counts, right? Besides, we've watched over him for a LONG time. Poor little guy. He hates dressing up. This one time, we had a Halloween get-together and he got dressed up as a witch. Yes, my uncle seriously cross-dressed him.
  • Look at that sexah superdog face. Photobucket

  • ...Why the hell would I put a costume on my pet(s)? They're animals, not humans. *irritable*

    (People dressing up their pets in ridiculous costumes really bugs me. I'm not talking 'o hay look at this stupid hat on my kitty' or putting a doggy-coat on a thin-furred dog in the winter, but those stupid little outfits are just gross. Your pet is NOT YOUR CHILD.)
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