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Hello, World!

What is your earliest memory?

Answers (338)

  • I was less than five years old, I was sitting with my mom at the kitchen table, watching my mother unravel fairy lights. I asked her "What, is it Christmas now?", and she answered, "Yes, it's Christmas now".
  • I remember some of my toys... big red plastic car. Just a short flashback. I don't even sure that it's the earliest memory ever but it's very close to that.
  • Magician collapsing at my seventh or eight birthday party. FUN.
  • My first memory is of a bowling alley. I'm sitting at the counter, eating cheese fries. My mother, aunt and grandmother are on a bowling team. I hear the crashing of bowling balls hitting pins. Curses and cheers fill the air after each cacophony of sound. It is the first happy memory that I can recall.
  • Swinging at a swing at my country house, age 5 perhaps :)
  • My next to youngest sister destroying her birthday cake on her first birthday. I was three years old and remember being annoyed because I wanted some cake. We got some in the end.
  • My earliest memory is that of a three-year-old me swimming in the sea..
  • I was 2 at that time :3 and I remember sitting on a hospital bed, watching the news on TV, while my mom was being taken away by some dude in green since it's time for the surgery she had to take~ I don't know what that surgery's for since I never bothered to ask my mom :) But when I told my mom about having memories of that day, she was so amazed xD She was like, "How can you remember that ? You were 2 xD"
  • I think my earliest memory was walking in the middle of the street with my best friend drinking Coolaid. I was about 2, maybe 3 because my sister wasn't born yet. I was living in Georgia. I thought I was so badass (or whatever the 3 year old version of badass is) because I was walking in the middle of the street. I think we were in matching sweaters... I remember it being a bit foggy. 
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