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Writer's Block

That's So Cliché

Which, ahem, "internets" clichés do you wish would go away already?

Answers (191)

  • Everything that has to do with the English language and making it incomprehensible for the general public. Namely, 1337, TxtSpeak, aLtErNaTiNg CaPiTaLiZaTiOn, and the like. I mean, why should they waste a lot of their time typing their message in butchered English, only to make its readers wonder what the hell they are saying? In exception to TxtSpeak, all of the methods I mentioned above take more time to write than normal, which really defeats the point. TxtSpkrs can't use the time-saving excuse either. It's supposed to be used in making text messages on cellphones that don't have a full QWERTY keyboard. And because there is a 160-character limit. (OK, maybe you can occasionally use it on Plurk, but still...)

    Also included in this list are people who type in English - wrong grammar, semantics, spelling and all. What makes this worse is that a good number of them are made by "native speakers of the English language. Translation: THE AMERICANS. OK, maybe a few British and Australians...

    And, you know, their there they're totally doing it for the lulz and making them readers scratch their heads for eternity.
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  • Ads and popups, they are so damn annoying!
  • the adds need to go and the pop ups! I hate the pop-ups. They make me want to scream. Plus the spam I get in my inbox is more than my friends write me in three days. Then there are the people who tAlK lIkE tHis. Oh, don't forget the oh so cute smiley faces (: and my personal favorite XD. haha It's NOT FUNNY. So stop doing it. No wonder you're all failing English.
  • Frankly speaking, one of the reasons I'm staying off social sites (significantly less activity save for Multiply) is they can get really frustrating. I came across again a phrase that peeves me every single time, and it really, REALLY turns me off despite what others may think to be endearing: "I am just a simple boy/girl..." 

    MY FOOT!

    First of all, false humility ticks me off (what are you implying with your "just"? If there's something really more or unique about you, then go ahead, share; otherwise, why would we be interested in you? 'Cause you're simple?). Second, do you really think people are simple? I don't think so. Bacteria and viruses are even mutating and becoming more complex, deadly. And they don't have "baggage". WE DO. No one is simple just as no one's perfect. Third, there are lots of better ways to describe yourself and simple is not one of them. Maybe down to earth or easy or gullible or naive or negotiable or jamming or girl/boy-from-next-door or charming but certainly NOT simple. 

  •  I'd like 4chan to go. I don't particularly like when people use 1337 either. I'll use it, but only if I'm joking around or making fun of someone/something. And... that's about it.
  •  Most definately the people who TyPe LiKe ThIs AlL dAy LoNg...  I can't understand why they just don't listen to their English teachers about capitalization in school.  The same rules that apply to people in the real world apply online.  No one that I have seen actually writes with pen and paper LiKe ThIs because it takes too much time.  So why do they spend the time OnLiNe to TyPe it out LiKe That.  And it looks retarded.  I feel that if you can't use actual English in your typing online, you shouldn't be allowed to type.
  • "lol of course i use it alot"

  • morons typing LiKe ThIs, it's not cute or funny it's annoying. and I can't stand when people type like they can't spell on purpose. My cousins do this yes they are young but it annoys the crap out of me. Do they not understand that when you are online that your spelling is the way people get an impression of you and that just makes you look dumb. Ok yes I use chatspeak on occasion but I do not go insane about it. I use u instead of you but I do not go out of my way to use it for EVERYTHING. I guess with this kind of question it shows my age a tad. I am not the young hip crowd anymore huh. I should be a soccer mom by now or something
  •  Well I have to admit, I am a bit of a "LOL" addict. I like that one. I use "LMAO" sometimes too. But only if it's really funny. I use "OMG" as well. What I would LOVE to go is writing like "H3YY GUYYS i LOV3 YOU LOADSS BAB333 YOU'R3 SO CoOL" <- basically using double letters (YY), 3's becoming capital E's, small I's in the middle of words or sentances made out of capitals and double O's when they do "oO". Arghh get a grip. I also don't like people not using proper english. I always do. Words like "sexci" =S adding letters or "rly" taking away letters just bug me. I used to get annoyed with people using msn emotion things like (L) but on bebo or something. But I do that now so I'm such a hypocrite. When people write like this it annoys me too "Hεч Gorgεous". I mean why can't they use normal letters?? What's wrong with them?? Also quite a few people don't like using less than 3 (<3) I take it a step further. I do <33. I know. I'm useless.

    On to pictures etc. Posing pictures with the captions "omfg i'm so hotttt" are like sooooo not!! Niether are "omfg i'm so ugly!!" coz obv you're not or else you wouldn't post them duhhh!! (I just used another one of my internet cliches - obv for obviously).

    I also HATE people who leave comments on pictures saying "omg check the state" or just simply "haha". I mean GET A GRIP keep your opinion to yourself!! It hurts when someone leaves you comments like that (having had a few in my time).

    I don't see the point in little 13 year old girls posting pictures where they are half naked on their bebos. Bad way to start girls. I don't like on profiles "single and looking" - for goodness sake keep it to yourself! Also the words that usually follow that "so get you're offers in" - if someone wanted to ask you out then you wouldn't need to put that on your profile in the first place.

    Wow didn't know I was that bitchy!!
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