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Writer's Block

What? No Goodnight Kiss?

What is the worst date you've ever been on?

Answers (210)

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  • Oh i've got this one. The one where everything went perfectly then I found out that my parents were conspiriting to get us together and everything had been planned out perfectly but I didn't really like the guy all that much. Yep, worst date ever. Oh, did I mention the fac he was after me for my money? no, well now you know so beat that.
  • No contest here! High school Homecoming 1979. I went with a friend from church who picked me up in his old beat-up yellow truck. He was wearing a powder blue tuxedo with matching ruffled shirt -- that just happened to match the blue dress my grandmother had made for me. We went out for dinner at a nice restaurant he'd chosen -- and although we both ordered as cheaply as we could, poor Randy pulled out his wallet after seeing the menu and counted his money over and over throughtout the entire meal. What a relieved look on his face when I declined dessert and he realized he had enough cash! When we arrived at the dance, Randy told me he didn't really feel like dancing and asked if we could just sit and talk. For the next two hours (or was it an eternity?!!), he poured out his heart to me, explaining how he was in love with one of the married Sunday School teachers at church -- and how he would never be able to show any interest in any other woman until he knew there was no hope of ever being with her (which to him meant until one of them died). Delighted when the dance was finally over, I climbed back in the truck and counted the minutes until I got back home. But oh, no! Randy managed to be thrifty enough earlier in the evening that he felt like splurging! We went to Bob's Big Boy to cap off our glorious evening together. I imagine we were a vision in powder blue. The restaurant manager rushed over to us and asked if we were celebrating our marriage. Ack! Once we cleared that up, Randy and I enjoyed another hour together, talking about his love for Patricia. Finally, it was time to take me home. As Randy pulled into my driveway, I unbuckled the grimy seatbelt and had my hand on the door handle. He stopped the truck and started to undo his seatbelt, but before he could unlatch it, thank goodness, I'd already leaped from Old Yellow, thanked Randy for a lovely evening and sprinted to my front door, locking it firmly behind me. I watched a no-doubt relieved Randy leave the driveway and head for his home. No one at my house was awake so I could share this story -- but not to worry, I wasn't without someone to talk to for long! Randy called me as soon as he got home so we could chat about his love some more! Smile!
  • My first one
  • worst date.... hm.... i actually don't think i've ever been out on a truly terrible date. the most awkward thing in the world is going out on that first date with someone you're seriously considering as a boyfriend. for instance... the first time i hung out with josh, even though we were at schuyler's house with other people, he kept putting his arm around me and i felt so awkward because i'd never been up that snuggled up to a guy before. and matt and my first date was... well, it was because we had already hung out a million times just the two of us, but we had never gone on a verifiable date. it was awkward, sitting across the table from one another just trying to make conversation. even now, it's sometimes just like "well, i have dinner with you ALL the time, this is going to be awkward" but then we get there and it's just magical. mostly because it means i get him all to myself, and his attention is on me. it also allows me to get him relaxed when he's having a bad week. i'm really happy he and i are doing dinner tonight. whether we get take-out or sit-in somewhere, i want to take him out of his stressful compsci midterm. at brown they get REALLY strict abut it. he isn't allowed to say a SINGLE word about it to anyone. I got to sit on his lap, stare at his screen and say "maybe you spelled something wrong" and that's about the MOST help he can get from anyone. *sigh* but soon my coldsore shall be gone and i can kiss him again. no sex, though. Adam is visiting me starting at 2:30 tomorrow.
  •  Ok, it was my anniversary I think our third... well my boyfriend invited to over for dinner... he was meant to have made it by the time I got there.  Four our three year anniversary I had chips and salsa, sliced apples and pudding.  Now I want this fact to be known... His mother hated me with a passion... she actually had spies on me.  Well she for some unforseen reason thought I was pregnant... (This is the only time she was ever nice to me)  so she told him to take me out to a real dinner, gave him money (something that never happened) and told me to eat whatever I wanted.  Yeah it wasn't until later that I found out she thought I was pregnant.  Lets just say this, at that point I hadn't had sex with her son.
  • The absolutely worst date I've ever had was about four or five years ago. Through the Internet I'd met a man originally from Liberia residing in my hometown, working for the local newspaper. His profile seemed okay, and I keep an open mind when meeting people. Soon we exchanged numbers and set a date to meet at a restaurant and then go to a movie theater (bad idea #1). The day of our date, he decided to tell me about his DUI trial (bad idea #2), which so happened to occur earlier that day. He still wanted to meet me at the restaurant, which had a bar. Then he asked me whether or not I drank and what was my favorite alcoholic beverage (bad idea #3). Eh, still holding out at this point for a free dinner and movie, I still upheld my promise to meet him. We met at the restaurant, and he promptly ordered a gin and tonic (bad idea #4) and then proceeded to talk mainly about himself (bad idea #5). I calmly ate my salad, smiled, laughed at his inane jokes, and vowed not to see this man again. He was dull and boring, his accent obscured any sense he may have been making, and he boasted about his lackluster career as if I should have been impressed with him. What transpired next was terrible. He wanted to show me inside his brand new apartment, so instead of being cautious and leaving ASAP, I agreed to watch some TV instead of the movie we had originally planned. On the drive there I knew that I should have left him, taking a "wrong turn", but I needed to go to the bathroom at this point. So I arrived at his place. Once he placed me onto his black leather couch, he stepped back into the nearby bathroom... to use while the door was open. Also, he didn't wash his hands. Then the brother had the nerve to return to the room, flop next to me, and attempt to kiss me. I jumped up from the couch, ran to the bathroom, used it (at least I closed the door), and planned my escape. That scene with the bathroom door open and no hand washing was my last straw. I quickly made an excuse, headed to my car, and beelined the heck out of Dodge. Unbelievably, we tried for a second date. He had taken me out to another restaurant-- this was in the days I was desperate-- and talked to his friend on the cellphone more than talking to me. I followed suit. Once again, he insisted in picking me up, and on the way back to my car, he informed me that he "had needs" and would be amendable to just occasional booty call whenever I wanted. I gave my final excuse of having to leave town temporarily and promising to call him back on my return. I bet he thinks I either died or really left town. Later, folks.

  • I haven't been on many dates, so I don't have a lot to draw from. I do remember this one particularly akward experience. 

    I was a senior in high school and a friend of mine who was one of those "I'm so in love with my girl that i don't have time to have other friends" types. His girlfriend, who was not excatally a looker herself, set me up on two blind dates. Well, if you count the ones i went on, one. i don't remember her name. Casey or something butch-ish, I think. We taked on the phone a couple of times before the actual date. She seemed ok. A little strange, but ok. Except for her admitedly weird relationship with her softball coach. She said alot of people thought that they slept together or whatever but she just said they're really close. Weird .

    I picked her up at her house in my champaign colored Taurus, which has been my brand of car not nessicarly by choice since I got my permit. She lived in a nice two story white number in a nice suburan neighborhood in Boiling Springs- the rich kids to us Inmanites. Right away, i felt that it probably wouldn't work. I knocked on the door and she answered. Right away there was a mutual unattraction. I didn't think she was all that cute and she probably wasn't impressed with my shaggy hair and braces. The ride to Applebee's was mercifully short but uncomfortably quiet. In all my haste to detail my car after school, I had left the seat pretty close to the dashboard. She got in and sat down, arms crossed, knees so close to the dash I cringed as to what would happen to her joints if we got in a wreck. We got the restuarants and I received a huge lesson in body language. She couldn't look more unimpressed and uninviting. Its been six years since that date, so I don't remember too many specifics sufice to say we never contacted each other again and my friend and I didn't talk about it ever again. As a matter of fact, i just thought of her as I was writing this post.

  • This was in early High School.... but he had his mom pick me up with NOT even him in the car. Drive me to their house. We had plans to go the the movies and then the mall. He said that his mom changed her mind so we couldn't go. He didn't have any TV access so we had to find something to do. He had me play with his pet rats... which pooped and peed on me. :-( Then he wanted to show me his room so we went up stairs and his older brother who was UGLY and an fat asshole lived up there too. We had to walk through his brother's room first and that is when I saw a stuffed Garfield Cat on the bed with my picture taped to it's face.

    I stood there for a minute and then asked what the fuck it was. I waited for my boyfriend to say something but he was too busy laughing. He said that his brother used it to.... masterbate and that he had never seen it with a picture before. He teased his brother later when he got home and his brother kept staring at me. Their mom was annoying and was trying to keep my boyfriend busy b/c she wanted me to hook-up with the other brother.

    Needless to say..... that was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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