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Writer's Block

That's Crazy

What's the craziest thing you've done in 2008?

Answers (216)

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  • Hmmm... I don't really do anything crazy. SO the "craziest" thing I've done is illegally download music. Lame I know.

  • There's this book that im reading called "ttfn" and its by a very clever girl named Lauren Myracle, and here's my FAVE part of the book.
    ((FYI: The book is in IM format, so its like a chat room, kai?))

    SnowAngel: hey, the OC starts in 15 minutes. wanna come watch?
    MadMaddie: oh, that reminds me. chive posted something funny about the OC in his blog. hold on and i'll copy it do u can c...
    SnowAngel: chive has a blog?
    MadMaddie: a deadjournal, yeah.
    SnowAngel: what's a deadjournal?
    MadMaddie: it's like a livejournal, only better. instead of having "friends" u have "fiends", and your blog's called your grave, and the whole site is called the cemetery.
    SnowAngel: sounds goth.
    MadMaddie: nah, just anti-establishment
    MadMaddie: here's his post from last week:

    Hey. I know. Let's take a group of twenty-something actors and let them relive their glory days. Surfers pretending to be emo kids, rich kids pretending to have issues, Chino Boy pretending to have soul. Oh, and dont forget, lets insert some previously good Indie bands who ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT and lets throw so much money at them that they're forced to sell out, performing in front of scenesters pretending to be teenagers pretending to be real.
    Oh well. At least there's good tunes!
  •  The craziest thing i have done this year is be more out going, and speak my mind about things. This year the people i hated knew it. Then the people who i liked knew it also. So thats about it.
  • "really nothin except when i was with my friend james over at his dads i went 2 anthonys and we got locked out of his dads house and his dads so called idiot wouldnt open the door cause he was asleep and we were bangin on the door and he wouldnt come so we thought he had some natural light on the porch so...we took a can and went 2 the weeds and drunk a whole can together then later anthony left and we got scared because roger(the idiot)  wouldnt open the door so james kept hittin it with his butt lol and broke it then anthony came back and we ate cinnamon rolls,sour cream and onion chips and then his dad came home and then we left and thats my story"
  •  I think the craziest thing i have done so far this year is that i finally stepped forward in my business plans. Even though i didn't have the money or the product completly finished i have purchased a table at a local convention. I have till august to get everything ready but this was the craziest, out of character thing i have done. I normally do not take risks. I do nt just do things out of the blue, and this was very much spur of the moment! 

    Now to get cracking on product!
  • Umm....since it is only March, I have plenty of time to do something crazy..(now my step son, who turned 18 back on Jan 26th, is moving to NYC with his g/f, who he hasn't even seen in person, and who is pregnant!!) ~M
  • I GOT MARRIED!!!! :-) LOL
  • So far it's letting my brother set me up on a blind date...lol If you knew my brother you'd understand why ;)
  • I took pictures of myself and sent them to a guy, it was a very BAD!!
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